Hubspot CRM- SMS & IVR via Zapier & engageSPARK Integration 

Send an SMS to every new contact in your Hubspot CRM account

Step 1: Log in to Zapier or accept engageSPARK invite by following the steps in this support page.

Step 2: Choose Hubspot CRM as the Trigger App.


Step 3: For the trigger, choose New Contact. This means, that every time a new contact is added, it will trigger the steps in the Action App.

Step 4: Test the step then hit Continue once successful

Step 5: Choose engageSPARK as the Action App. It will be automatically chosen if it is your first time to accept engageSPARK Invite in STEP 1.

Step 6: Click Subscribe Contact to an Engagement as the action and hit Continue

Step 7: Connect your engageSPARK account to Zapier. To learn how to connect your engageSPARK Account to Zapier, CLICK HERE. Once connected, Click Test then hit Continue.

Step 8: Fill out this template

For the Phone number, just click on the dropdown and choose Phone Number

For the ORG ID, just type your ORG ID in the blank field. if you don’t know your ORD ID, CLICK HERE.

For the Engagement ID, it is the number in the URL once you click on Report of the engagement you created. (See Image below)

For the First and Last Name, just click again on the dropdown and choose First Name and Last Name respectively.

Step 9: Test the step and Click Finish.

Step 10: Turn ON your Zap and test it by adding a new contact to your Hubspot CRM account. You can also use the same process if you want to send an SMS whenever a New Deal is created.




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