2-way SMS in the Philippines

There are instances when broadcasting information via 1-way sms is no longer enough, especially if you require a response from your recipients. Imagine all the data that you can collect in making sound decisions if you have the option to receive responses from your participants. At engageSPARK, we not only give you the power to reach out to your audience but also the capability to hear what your audience has to say via our 2-Way SMS engagements (to send and receive).

Get your 2-way SMS number now!

For 2-way SMS, you need a virtual phone number so people can send you an sms or reply to an sms you send them. Virtual Phone Numbers for the Philippines are not readily available on the platform but we can easily order these numbers from our telecommunications partners and the best thing about them is that they work with all telco networks in the Philippines! Globe, SMART, and Sun networks can send SMS to our virtual numbers. The numbers are actually toll-free, so it’s free for people to reply to SMS that you send them (no load will be deducted from their phones).


Try it for FREE

You can try our sample 2-way SMS engagement by texting:

  • YES to 2158 1331 (Globe) or 22565 1331 (Smart/Sun)
  • After you receive the automated SMS saying you are now subscribed, reply with ES <space> TEST


All you need to know about virtual numbers in the Philippines

  • There will be 2 sets of virtual numbers: 1 for Globe users only and 1 for Smart/Sun users only. Globe users can only send and receive texts from the Globe virtual number while Smart/Sun users can only send and receive texts from the Smart/Sun virtual number.
  • The virtual number costs $20 per month with a $20 one-time setup fee. Each SMS you send costs $0.02. Each SMS you receive costs you $0.02 (it’s free for your customers, so you bear the cost).
  • You will only be charged for one virtual number.
  • The number will start with 2158-xxxx for Globe and 22565-xxxx for Smart/Sun with 4-5 digits where the x’s are (e.g., 2158 1331 and 22565 1331).
  • It’ll take up to 48 hours to order the virtual number for you and have it ready in your account.
  • You can only use the virtual number to send SMS to people who initially opted-in to the virtual number. People need to first text “YES” to the virtual number before you can send and receive messages from it. It is a telco-imposed policy for data privacy compliance.
  • Each SMS has a maximum of 140 characters. You can send a maximum of 3 SMS (420 characters) in one message. You can only receive up to 140 characters in one inbound message (i.e., in a message sent by your users to the virtual number).
  • While it’s free for people to send an SMS to your number (i.e., no load will be deducted from their phone), they must have a minimum amount of load to be able to send an SMS to the number (even though no load will be deducted from their phone): Smart/Sun: P1.00; Globe: P2.50


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