How to Create an SMS Drip Campaign

What is an SMS Drip Campaign?

An SMS Drip Campaign is a series of messages sent over a designated period. It’s fully customizable and it allows you to relay messages without overwhelming your target audience in one go, and to develop a personal connection to them by engaging them for a prolonged period of time. It also has the flexibility to add new subscribers to your campaign at any point after the campaign is launched. 

Here’s how to create an SMS Drip Campaign:

💡Tip: Information about the buttons appear when you hover over them!

Under the campaigns tab, just click the (+) on the far rght and choose “SMS Drip Campaign”

EngageSpark SMS Drip Campaign

Step 1: Configure. Assign a Name for your SMS Drip Campaign. This helps you distinguish it from your other campaigns.  The Sender is the name that you want to appear on your recipients’ phone when they receive your messages.

EngageSpark SMS Drip Campaign Step 1

If you have multiple Sender IDs in your account, you can click on the dropdown arrow to pull up the list of registered Sender IDs in your account. No need to manually type!

💡Tip: A Sender ID is good for branding so your recipients know who the messages are coming from.

Note: If you have an existing registered Sender ID/name with us, you can automatically see it in Sender dropdown. Otherwise, please contact support at to register one or more.

Below the Sender ID box, you’ll see the 2 options for when you want your first message to go out to your recipients:

(1) Immediately after the campaign is launched or

(2) Schedule it for later in a specific time and day

💡Tip: You can subscribe new contacts to your active campaign anytime after the campaign is launched. For example, you added 2 new subscribers on Thursday and Friday this week, respectively. If you chose to send the first message on a Monday at 14:00, both subscribers will get the message on Monday next week at 14:00.

Note: You’ll learn how to add new subscribers at the end of this guide, so if that’s what you’re looking for, just scroll to the end! 

Step 2: Subscriptions. Select your target audience by ticking the boxes on the left-hand side of the pop-up. To Select All, tick the box next to Name. 

EngageSpark SMS Drip Campaign Step 2

💡Tip: You can add more subscribers at any point after launching your campaign, as long as the campaign is active.

Note:  The create and edit contacts groups feature is coming soon! Our new platform is, well, new!. We’re working on getting the features ready soon!

Step 3: Content. This is where you write your messaging content and decide the frequency and interval of the messages. You can keep track of the number of characters you’ve used up in the character count found at the right-hand side of every individual text messages. 

Note: Read about our character limitation here.

EngageSpark SMS Drip Campaign Step 3Not only that, but you can also personalize your message (like adding your subscriber’s name) by clicking this button 👉

💡Tip: You should be able to capture your recipients’ attention in a few words! Keep it brief but comprehensive.

You can add as many messages as you want using the (+) button. You can then schedule each of your pre-written text messages to go out on a specific time delay after the previous SMS. You have an option to delay it by minutes, hours, days, and weeks.  

Step 4: Confirm. This shows a quick summary of your campaign. Review the details and when you’re happy with it, just hit Publish at the bottom right. You also have the option to save it as a draft and finish it later.EngageSpark SMS Drip Campaign Step 4

💡Tip: The “Open for subscriptions” feature gives you the flexibility to subscribe new contacts or group of contacts to your campaign after it has been published. You can toggle this on and off anytime even after you publish your campaign! 

Your new campaign is now added to the list in Campaigns Tab! You can explore other functionalities by clicking the arrow to the left of your campaign name.

  • Stop campaign– if your campaign has ended or you want to stop it for any reason, just click the dropdown and choose Stop Campaign. Please note that you can no longer enable a stopped campaign but you can create a copy of it for future use
  • Disable new subscriptions– if you toggled-on the subscription feature in your SMS Drip Campaign’s Confirm step, you have an option to disable it at a later time if you don’t want to allow new contacts or group or contacts to be subscribed to the campaign. You can re-enable this anytime.
  • Copy campaign– you can create a duplicate copy of your running or stopped SMS Drip campaign any time for future use.
  • Manage subscriptions– to subscribe or enroll new contacts or group of contacts to your running SMS Drip Campaign, just click this option. When you click this option, it will show you 2 tabs: Contacts and Groups. You can switch between tabs to decide how you want to subscribe new contacts – by individual contacts or by group.
  • Download Report – you can download your campaign report in excel format. The report indicates the status of your messages – whether they sent or failed, time sent, costs incurred and the full recipients list.

EngageSpark SMS Drip Campaign Excel Report

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