Google Sheets – SMS & IVR via Zapier & engageSPARK Integration

Send an SMS or Automated Phone Call (IVR) every time you add a new contact to your Google Sheet

Step 1: Accept engageSPARK invite on Zapier. To do that, check this support page for steps.

Step 2: You can now create you first Zap with engageSPARK, click on Create this ZAP.

Step 3: Choose your trigger app. In this case, we will choose “Google Sheets“. So when a trigger (such as a new contact) happens in the Google sheet, you can choose what action/s Zapier should do next.

Step 4: Select the trigger you want. Meaning, when it happens, Zapier will perform the actions you have added in the process. Here, we will choose new spreadsheet row. Then hit Continue.

Step 5: Zapier will now ask you to connect your Google account. Just click on the account, and hit Test and once successful, choose Continue.

Step 6: Select the spreadsheet and specific worksheet you want to work on. To do this, just click the dropdown and choose from among the options. Then click Test and if successful, choose Continue. Note that, there must be at least 1 entry in your Google sheet before doing this step.

Step 7: Choose your action app. For this zap, engageSPARK is automatically chosen as the action app so when the trigger happens in the Google sheet, Zapier can automatically send a message to the new contact through engageSPARK.

Step 8: Next is to choose what action in engageSPARK you want. Choose Subscribe Contact to an Engagement. Then hit Continue.

Note! Make sure your engageSPARK engagement is set up to work well with Zapier, CLICK HERE to learn how.

Step 9: Now, you need to connect your engageSPARK account to Zapier. To do this, CLICK HERE. Once connected, Click Test and then hit Continue.

Step 10: Fill out the template ( see image below) with details. Zapier will pull out these details from the data in your Google sheet. Just choose the data that’s being asked by clicking the icon at the end of the search bar.Step 11: Now, let’s go through each of the blank fields. The first one is Phone Number. Just click on the icon at the end of the search bar then choose “Phone Number” from the drop-down list. Note: Please make sure that the phone number is in international format, i.e. with the country code in front:12125551212


Next, you have to type your Org ID in the blank field. If you don’t know your orga ID, CLICK HERE.

After that, type in the engagement ID. Go to the Reports page of the engagement you created. The engagement ID is the number in the URL after clicking its Reports button on the Engagements list. See image below.

For the Contact’s First Name, just click again on the icon at the end of the search bar then choose “First Name” from the dropdown options.

Lastly, do the same thing for “Last Name

Now that the template is complete. The next step is to test it and after that, click Create and Continue.

Step 12: Once successful, turn on your zap and test it by adding a new row to your Google Spreadsheet with your phone number in it.

Please note that Google Sheet is not an Instant App with Zapier, so it will probably take 5 minutes or so for Zapier to check the Google Sheet and see that there is a new row.


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