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Contact Segments

In your engageSPARK organization, you have 2 ways of grouping your contacts using Groups and Segments. This article focuses on how to segment your contacts.

Segmenting contacts allows you to group and categorize your contacts based on specific shared information that you’ve uploaded into the platform or have gathered from your IVR surveys, SMS surveys, WhatsApp surveys, or CATI surveys. This then allows you to launch more targeted messages to the right contacts or analyze survey results.


How to Segment Contacts

On the Contacts page, you can create Segments and set specific AND/OR conditions on which contacts you want to be segmented using the custom fields.

  1. Go to the Contacts page and select Add Segment from the New button.

  2. Then, on the window that pops up, you can set your conditions. For this example, the segment is about Female contacts aged between 25 to 35 who opted into the program.

  3. Then click Save.

On the left panel under the Segments tab, you should then be able to see the newly created segment.

This will automatically pull in all contacts that satisfy your segment conditions and the number of contacts within the segment will be auto-updated when:

  • When you upload new contacts with the segmented data.
  • When you manually update custom fields in the Contact page.
  • When you use the “Update Contact” Action within your surveys or Action-only content type that automatically updates the contact’s profile as they go through the survey questions.


Segment as a Quota Marker for Completed Surveys

One other use for Segments is using them for “Quotas”. Within your IVR surveys, SMS surveys, and WhatsApp surveys, you can automatically stop the campaign as soon as you’ve reached your target number of completed surveys per campaign or per project arm. Meaning, when the total number of contacts within your contacts segment reaches a certain number (or quota), you can set up a rule using Segments and Campaign Conditions to tell the system to stop pushing our more calls, text messages, or WhatsApp message.

Continue reading about Segment Quotas and how to set them up in your account.

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