Upload Bulk Contacts

When you have thousands or millions of contacts in your database, uploading contacts in bulk would be your best option to save a lot of time and effort. To do that in our platform, follow the simple steps below:

1. On the top right menu, click the Upload Contacts tab to get started.

2. When the pop-up window appears, drag and drop the excel file you want to upload or click the space that shows like this:

Here’s a sample screenshot of what your Excel sheet can look like:


The system only requires you to have the Phone Number column where Groups and First Name column headers are optional. You can add other column headers such as Age, Gender, Address, etc as you like. There’s no limit to the number of column headers you can add in your excel sheet.

Note: If your database of contacts (in excel) only consists of numbers from a single country, there’s no need to include the country code (e.g., 63). The system will automatically add it for you.

If your contacts are from multiple countries, you need to indicate the country code in the excel file (without the + sign).


When you’ve added your file, hit Upload.

3. Upon uploading, you will be directed to the window below and will be prompted to select whether your contact list is from a single country or multiple countries.


  • If you choose “Single Country”, just type in the country where your phone numbers belong.
  • If you choose “Multiple Countries”, you will be notified that the phone numbers in your excel file should have their respective country codes.

After which, click Confirm to move to the next step.

4. In the Configure step of uploading contacts, it will show you the column headers our platform captured from your excel file. Ensure that the reflected column headers are the same as in your excel file. You can also add new columns (that are not in your excel file) by clicking the Add new field. When done, just click Confirm to continue.

5. You can review your contact numbers to ensure that everything is in their right place and order – before confirming your bulk upload. If you notice any mismatch or you want to change or update anything before uploading, just simply click the Back button.
6. When you’re done reviewing and everything’s good, just hit Confirm. You will then be notified if the upload was successful as shown below:
You see? Uploading thousands to millions of contacts is super easy and won’t require much of your time.
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