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Do you support voice messages for WhatsApp?

Answer: Yes, we support voice messages on WhatsApp. Please read our article on how to set it up. You can also read how IOM used voice messages in WhatsApp to survey illiterate populations at scale.

Can you send messages about gambling?

Answer: No, we do not support gambling messages of any form because we are a social enterprise. Please read our anti-spam policy here

Are you integrated with Viber?

Answer: No, we are currently not integrated with Viber. But it’s in our roadmap. If you want to be notified when it’s ready, please contact our support. Meantime, we are integrated with WhatsApp. Learn how to set up a WhatsApp survey here.

Can I get a virtual number to use for authenticating social media apps or to receive OTPs?

Answer: No, our virtual numbers cannot be used for receiving transactional messages like OTPs. It can only be used for sending and receiving non-transactional SMS or Voice calls. To see pricing and how to order a virtual number, click here.

What’s the process to send SMS in the Philippines?

Answer: To send SMS in the Philippines, you will need to register a Sender ID (mask name/brand name) for one-way SMS and a toll-free short code for two-way SMS. Please reach out to our help team to get started.

What do Monthly active contacts mean?

Answer: Monthly active contacts are the number of unique contacts you can interact with in a 30-day period. Read more about monthly active contacts here.

Can I pause my subscription?

Answer: No, we do not support pausing subscription plans. You can only cancel your subscription, but you will lose immediate access to your engageSPARK account. You can downgrade to our lowest subscription plan, Starter for $30/month, to keep your account active until you decide to use it again. You can read more about how to cancel your subscription plan here.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Answer: To cancel your subscription, please reach out to our support team at or use the chat feature on our website. You can read more about how to cancel your subscription plan here.

How do I make payment?

Answer: You can pay with your debit/credit card on the engageSPARK platform or request an invoice and pay via wire or bank wire.

Can I get a refund if I do not make use of my credits?

Answer: No, we do not offer refunds. Your credits will always be readily available anytime you decide to use your engageSPARK account again. Please read about our refund policy here.

Is my data secure with engageSPARK?

Answer: The details of all data you submit to engageSPARK are kept confidential. We do not share any of that data with anyone unless you ask us to or give us permission to do so. You can read more about our data protection and privacy here.

Do I need a Virtual Number to make IVR calls?

Answer: No, you do not need a virtual number to make outgoing IVR calls. However, if you want your participants to call in, you will need to get a dedicated virtual number for this purpose.

Why was my Debit/Credit card payment placed on manual review?

Answer: Some payments get flagged by our system especially if it’s the first payment or if you are using a new card that hasn’t been whitelisted yet. When this happens, we need to get more information from you on how you plan to use engageSPARK, i.e., for what purpose, who are you contacting, and what messages are you planning to send.? When this happens, please contact our support.

Can we use your SMS services over API

Answer: Yes, you can use our send SMS API. We also have other APIs available for you to use.

Which countries do you support sending SMS messages to and Voice calls?

Our SMS and Voice call services are available in more than 175 countries. For information about the countries we support and the associated costs, kindly refer to our usage pricing page.

Do you do 2-way SMS to all countries?

We do not offer 2-way SMS service to all countries due to varying rules and regulations in each region. To know which countries, we support for 2-way SMS, kindly reach us via our contact page.

How can we improve the retention and response rates of our surveys?

To improve the response rates for your surveys. You need to choose the right type of survey, keep it short and simple, and test it with yourself and end users. Also, offer incentives like airtime top-ups. See our IVR top tips for success here.

What if the respondent doesn’t have electricity? Can they still receive text messages or voice calls?

In case their mobile phones run out of battery, they might not be reachable via phone calls. However, with the call retries functionality provided by engageSPARK, you can specify the interval at which we attempt to call the number again following the initial call. As for SMS, the message will be dispatched and only delivered to the recipient’s mobile phone when it’s switched on.

Do you need internet access to receive text messages?

To receive text messages (SMS), you do not need internet access. Text messages are delivered through the cellular network, and if your phone is connected to the network and has a valid SIM card, you can receive text messages without the need for an internet connection.





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