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How to Cancel My Subscription Plan and Close My Account


How To Close My engageSPARK Account

To close your engageSPARK account, please reach out to our support team. Please note that as soon as your account is closed, you will lose access to all your data, including your contact’s phone numbers, campaigns, messages, reports, usage statements, payment receipts, etc. We will not be storing your data, and all Personal Identifiable Information (PII) will be deleted to comply with data privacy laws. Please read our Refund or Reimbursement Policy.

If you want to re-open your account, you must sign up for a new account using a new email address.

Can I Pause My Subscription?

No, you cannot pause your subscription because we do not offer that feature. You will have to continue paying your monthly subscription or downgrade to a lower plan if you want to keep your account active or cancel it entirely if you don’t want to keep paying the monthly subscription fee.

How To Cancel Your Monthly Subscription Plan

At the moment, you cannot cancel your subscription plan through your engageSPARK dashboard. Instead, you will have to contact our support team via live chat or email ( to cancel your subscription plan.

What Happens When You Cancel Your Monthly Subscription Plan

When canceling your monthly subscription plan, it is essentially the same as closing your account, and so the same rule applies.

  • You will immediately lose access to your account.
  • All your data (contact phone numbers, campaigns, messages, reports, usage statements, payment receipts, etc.) will be deleted.

We recommend downloading all your campaign reports, phone numbers, usage statements, and payment receipts before canceling your subscription plan.

If you want to re-activate your account, just log back in and choose a new subscription plan. However, please note that it will be as if you are starting a new one because your account will be empty.

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