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Upgrading and Downgrading Subscription Plans


When choosing a subscription plan, you probably have a specific use case in mind. Maybe you want to send educational SMS to tens of thousands of women in the Philippines, or launch Voice IVR Surveys to thousands of people in Ghana. However, when your use case changes, you probably also want to change your plan.

For example, you may find there is more demand than you expected and that means you need to reach more contacts and so you want to upgrade to a higher plan. Maybe your intervention has been completed successfully, and you want to downgrade to a cheaper plan. Or you want to stay on the same plan, but take advantage of yearly billing discounts.

In this article, we explain when and how you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan.

When can I change my plan?

If you are on a subscription plan that is billed monthly, you can change your subscription at any time from within the app.

To do so, click the “Change plan” button on the Dashboard and select a different plan.

However, if you are on a plan that is billed yearly then you cannot change your plan from the app. In this case please reach out to our Customer Service via email or live chat.

What happens when you change your plan?

When you change your plan, your balance will be charged the first month or year (depending on your billing cycle) of your new plan. At the same time, you may be eligible for a partial credit of the running month (for monthly billing) or year (for yearly billing) of your old plan, see below.

The new plan also starts a billing cycle. That means if you change to a monthly billed plan your next bill is due exactly one month later.

Likewise, the count of Monthly Active Contacts starts again at 0.

Will I get a credit when canceling during the billing period?

Yes, if you are on a monthly-billed plan. When changing your subscription plan, we automatically credit back to your account balance part of your monthly fee depending on your usage.

If you are on a yearly-billed plan, we have given you a major discount. Crediting in this case is not automated. Please reach out to Customer Support via email or live chat.

How does automatic crediting work?

Automatic crediting only works if you are currently on a monthly billed plan.

The credit takes two things into account: How much of the current billing month has already passed, and how many contacts of your included Monthly Active Contacts have already been used. (Read here about Monthly Active Contacts.) We calculate the remaining percentage and credit the smaller amount.

For example, on day 10 of your billing period, you change your subscription plan. If you already have consumed 75% of your included Monthly Active Contacts then we will credit you the remaining 25% of the monthly fee.

Likewise, if by day 10 you have not consumed any of the included Monthly Active Contacts, we will credit you based on the time that has passed. If there are 20 days left until the next billing date, we will credit you 66% of your monthly fee (20 / 30 = 66%).

If the month has passed or you have consumed all Monthly Active Contacts included in your plan, you are not eligible for a credit.

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