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Data Protection and Privacy


How secure is our data with engageSPARK?



We place a high value on data security. The platform adopts an advanced data protection system to keep all of our servers encrypted all the time. We use 256-bit SSL certificates to encrypt all communications between you and our system to prevent unauthorized access to your data, including the personal information you provided (e.g. password). While we ensure a safe transmission of data from engageSPARK servers to your servers or computer, note that we cannot be held responsible for any security vulnerabilities from using your own computer or phone, or your Internet connection.

The details of all data you submit to engageSPARK are kept confidential. We do not share any of that data with anyone, unless you ask us to or give us permission to do so.

The content and details of all inbound messages, keypresses, spoken/recorded responses sent by your contacts that are routed through our platform are your property.  We will never sell any of the data that you submit on our site. All data that you submit remains your property.


For more details, please refer to our Privacy Policy page »



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