Mobile Engagement

SMS & Voice IVR Drip Campaign

Engage everyone in emerging markets – including the 49% who are still offline – through a series of scheduled automated messages. Enrolled contacts never miss a message regardless of when they started. Improve your reach by allowing people to opt-in to your running campaigns.

Drip Campaign

  • Send “drips” of pre-recorded or pre-written messages over a period of time.
  • Reach a larger audience: everyone who has a mobile phone, whether online or offline.
  • Continually enroll more contacts while the campaign is running and engage more people.
  • Similar to email drip campaigns – but reach a much larger audience via SMS Texts & Voice Calls.


Use Drip if You Are…

  • A company that runs marketing campaigns.
  • An organization doing educational campaigns and training.
  • Anyone who wants to reach and engage everyone who has a mobile phone, even if offline.

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engageSPARK is trusted in 135+ countries by some of the best…

Why Use Drip Campaign


Your recipients don’t need internet access to receive your messages and can get your SMS Texts and Voice Calls with whatever phone they have – smartphone or not.


Create your SMS Drip or Voice Drip Campaign in minutes. Set it and forget it. Your recipients will receive each Drip message at the scheduled time.

Higher Open Rate

Messages arrive immediately and are read instantly upon receipt. People answer a call right away so you get results almost instantaneously. 


People bring their mobile devices wherever they go and receiving a call or an sms presents more personal and intimate connection.

Top of Mind

Ongoing engagement is critical to remaining top of mind for your audience. Create your Drip once; remain top of mind always.



People can re-read messages on their phone at any time, enabling them to easily scroll through the previous messages you sent them.

Recent Work

Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation Inc. (NWTF)

One of the leading microfinance institutions (MFI) in the Visayas island group of the Philippines implements a 20-week financial skills training program to 5,000+ micro-entrepreneurs (and growing) through a series of weekly automated voice calls.

Success Stories

We love using the engageSPARK platform — it’s super user-friendly, the customer service is great, and we’re learning how to get high response rates!

Kasia Stochniol

Associate Director, Acumen

I couldn’t believe how fast and simple it was to run our financial literacy campaign. Our partnership with engageSPARK was the turning point in this program.

Vaidehi Krishnan

Program Manager, Mercy Corps

Yes, I want to Build and Launch a Drip Campaign!