Voice Blast

Reach out to people via pre-recorded voice calls. Voice Blast wizard enables you to broadcast information such as emergency alerts or important reminders in a voice call format. It is a powerful tool to engage people in developing countries who have no internet access but have mobile phones.

3-Step Voice Wizard

Content Upload the mp3 file or record your audio directly on the website. Add different language versions if any—click Languages. Enable automated retry call at the bottom of the page—click Show Settings.  See Recording Instructions »
Contacts Select contacts or groups OR incorporate a Missed Call Opt-in / SMS Opt-in so people can subscribe to receive the Voice Blast message.  More about Step 2 »
Confirm Immediately send the voice blast or schedule it go out on a later date or time. Enter your phone number in the Caller ID field. Click Launch to set the engagement live or save it as a draft.  More about Step 3 »



Upload mp3 or Record audio

Buttons for uploading mp3 files or for recording audio:

Upload mp3 – Click to select audio from your computer.

Record – Press to start recording audio directly from the website. Press again to stop recording.

Languages – Add mp3 versions in other languages for the same content.


Automated Call Retry

Go to Call Retry Settings at the bottom of Step 1 and turn on Automated Call Retries to automatically have our system call back people who don’t pick up during the first call attempt (they are busy, their phone is off or the battery died, or they have network signal issues). This can significantly help increase the engagement rates.

Sample Uses

  • Emergency Alerts. Send people a voice message about emergency information and how to prepare (e.g. typhoon, hurricane, flood alerts).
  • Reminders. Send farmers reminders or tips on how to safeguard crops based on the weather forecast.
  • Community Engagement. Drive people to attend local events or to participate in community building activities.
  • Health Campaign. Change behavior by providing health advice and encouraging healthy habits.


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