SMS Trigger Notification

The SMS trigger notification is an example of an SMS Blast that can be used to receive an SMS alert every time a user performed specific actions during the IVR call. With the Personalize feature, you can insert the triggerer’s contact information (e.g. user’s phone number) into the text message.


How to create an SMS trigger notification

On your engagement dashboard, click Create an Engagement  >  SMS  >  Blast  and follow the below steps:

Content Type your message and use the Personalize feature to insert dynamic data of the recipient or IVR caller into the SMS. The contact attributes in blue highlight are the recipient’s data. While the IVR caller’s information aka “Triggerer” data here, are the Advanced attributes in red.
Contacts Select contacts/groups or add the recipient(s) of the SMS trigger message.
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Confirm Make sure the Start time is set to “when triggered by another engagement and End time to “never (only if I stop this engagement)“. Then click LaunchThe engagement Status should show “Running” once directed back to the dashboard.  More about Step 3 »


Example. Let’s say the triggerer’s phone number is 639200600711. If this message is sent (see screenshot), the recipient will get this SMS: “Hi John, caller 639200600711 left a voice msg. Please check engageSPARK to listen to the recording”.


How to trigger an SMS message during an IVR call

When creating an IVR Advanced engagement, you can trigger an SMS engagement to be notified that a user went through a particular IVR question or keypress during the IVR call. An SMS message is automatically sent once a user performed an action (e.g. keypress response or spoken response) where you added the trigger.

  1. Click Add Action and choose Trigger an engagement.
  2. Select the applicable engagement from the dropdown.
  3. Go ahead and complete the IVR engagement by adding other actions like updating the contact information and creating jump logic as needed.

Example. Based on the below screenshot, the selected SMS engagement will be triggered after the Spoken Response is recorded.


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