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SMS Curriculum

Sending a series of SMS text messages that goes out to a group or even thousands of contacts, yet personalized, has never been easier before. Now you can create SMS campaigns and schedule it to go out daily, weekly or minutes apart without the hassle of creating separate SMS Blast engagements.

With the help of our SMS Curriculum wizard, informational campaigns such as public health awareness, medication reminders or even daily motivational quotes can be done quickly – within minutes.


3-Step SMS Curriculum Wizard

Content Enter the first message and schedule when it will go out immediately or at a later time. Click  Add Another Message  to start typing the succeeding SMS and set up the time or interval it will send the next message after the first SMS. Personalize the SMS by inserting the recipient’s dynamic data such as the first name—click Personalize (More about Personalize here). Add different language versions if any—click Languages. Don’t forget to name your engagement at the top part.
Contacts Select contacts or groups OR incorporate a Missed Call Opt-in / SMS Opt-in so people can subscribe to receive the next message.  More about Step 2 »
Confirm Set the campaign live immediately or schedule in advance or have it triggered by another engagement (i.e. IVR Advanced). Enter your registered Sender ID field and select the engageSPARK network as the ‘send route’ OR use your purchased local phone number or android relay number. Click Launch to set the engagement live or click Save as draft to continue working on it later.  More about Step 3 »



Note: The message that the subscriber will receive will be based on when the SMS Curriculum’s first message was sent to any contact. For example, if Person A receives the first message of the curriculum on Monday, then the Curriculum is now considered being started. So if Person B subscribed via Missed Call on Tuesday, she will no longer receive the message that was sent on Monday. Instead, Person B will only receive the messages scheduled later than the time of her subscription.


Sample Uses

  • Automated SMS Reminders: Schedule daily or weekly messages to remind people (e.g. medication alerts)
  • Public Health Campaign: Conduct a public health awareness campaign with a new topic every week
  • Maternal and Child Care SMS Program: Send messages to pregnant women or new parents to educate them about checkups and vaccinations


SMS Features and Functionality

 Personalize text messages by inserting the first name and other contact details
 Add different language versions of your curriculum messages
  Character-based languages or scripts are supported
 Register a Sender ID for your organization
  Determine how many characters were used by looking at the SMS counter
  Information can be accessed on-demand by turning on the Missed Call or SMS Opt-in


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