Make a Live Phone Call to a Contact

Now on the engageSPARK platform, you can make live, one-off phone calls to any of your contacts!

This feature is quite helpful; you can now have a live conversation with someone instead of pushing out an automated IVR survey to them and then reviewing the results.  Live calls allow you to dive deeper into interviewing someone, including, for example, asking follow-up questions after someone has answered an automated SMS survey or IVR survey.  Live calls are also, of course, a core part of CATI surveys.

With the calls being live, you can ask your contact anything and even ask them to go into further detail with their answers. It’s truly a great way to better understand your audience!

Here’s how you do it.


1.Go into the contacts page.


2.Click on the contact you wish to call.

3.A new window will pop up where you can edit that contact information. Click on the button on the upper right-hand side that says Call name of contact.

4.Once you have clicked on that, a second window will pop up as a way to confirm your action. Click on the green button. In this window, you can also select the caller ID from which your call will come from.

And that’s it!

As soon as you click the green button, you will start to hear a ringing sound, and your pop-up window will say “calling”.

Feel free to interact with your participants at any time! (Press the red button to end the call.)

Have questions or need a little extra help?