Tech Community

We are a software company, which makes us part of the global tech community and its open-source scene. At the same time, we at engageSPARK are proud to be part of Cebu City’s flourishing tech community of entrepreneurs, startups, and BPOs. We love being in the tech hot spot of the Visayas!

We feel it’s our responsibility to give back. We organize and host meetups. We teach at local universities. We sponsor events and get like-minded people together — there is so much to learn and together it’s more fun. We write blog posts and publish open-source projects.

Being at engageSPARK is about growing, learning, and teaching. On this page, we recognize our team members for being involved and giving back.


The TIDE & emergeX

Together with we founded and are running Cebu’s first co-working space: The TIDE. Come visit us for good internet and good company!

Cebu Code Camp

With Caresharing we founded Cebu Code Camp, an initiative to push Cebu’s tech community to the next level: more interaction, more learning, more fun! If you’re a tech lead, you may be interested in joining Cebu Tech Leaders group and exchange best practices and experiences on the whole range of managing a tech team and product. Reach out to Murat for details. In October we’ve started λ Cebu, a group for enthusiast programmers to share the fun of software technology, from type systems in Haskell, over hacking Emacs to crypto-currencies.


Eli is part of emergeX, a series of talks held every Saturday at The TIDE, focusing on all things entrepreneurial, from growing a team over digital marketing to techniques to boost your learning potential.


  • PyCon! Attended PyCon in Cagayan de Oro with 7 team members (that’s 70% of our dev team! 😀 ) and held two workshops on TDD and Selenium testing: Big woohoo to Banx, JayR, Mar & Zak for making it happen!

Technical Blog posts

  1. How to manage test cases with Squash by Mar
  2. Deploying and Monitoring Python Web Apps with uWSGI by Murat

Open Blog posts

  1. Self-Organizing Teams: An Experiment in Balancing Responsibilities

Meetups and other events

  1. Blocktalk Cebu: Co-organized by Murat, Sab. (Main org: Pieter)
  2. Golang 1.9 Release Party: Organized by Sab & Zak, talks by Murat and Sab. (Murat’s slides/resources)
  3. Golang Cebu: Organized and talks by Zak & Sab
  4. PizzaPY: AWS Lambda & Polly. Organized and talk by Murat and JayR
  5. DevOps: GNU Parallel. Organized by Zak, talk by Ole Tange
  6. PizzaPY: Intro to ML and data science libraries. Organized by Murat and Banx
  7. Murat joined Cebu’s first Startup Grind event to share thoughts on startups in Cebu.
  8. PizzaPY 24: Socket Talk, organizing
  9. PizzaPY 25: Requests, Sanic—reading code. Organized and talks by Murat and Zak
  10. Devops: App Configuration Management. Organized and moderated by Zak.
  11. Mastering the Misconceptions of Software Testing. Organized by Banx.
  12. Mobile Automation Testing Using Robot Framework. Organized by Banx.
  13. Pytest + Selenium for browser testing: Get to know the power of Pytest (Python)! Organized and talk by Banx.
  14. Devops: Docker in QA Testing: Introduction for Beginners. Organized and talk by Banx and Zak.
  15. A bunch of CTL and λ Cebu meetups.


20 meetups & a regular Coding Café!

We helped organize 19 meetups so far, with many more are to come! Drop us a mail or contact us on FB, if you want to help organize or speak in one!

These are the meetup groups we’re most active in: DevOps, JavaScript, Python and the The TIDE.

Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month the TIDE is hosting the Coding Café, part of the Cebu Code Camp. Come and join us! 🙂

2 University courses

We taught students at the University of San Carlos to build a Python webapp over several weekends.

We mentored students on OO design during a Java course.

2 Open-source tools

We love open-source software — our platform is built on open-source technology, we participate in the communities and publish tools that we think may be useful to others. As part of engageSPARK, we’ll expect you to participate, contribute and give back to the OS community.

This year, we published racsplit, a CLI tool for the Ractive.js framework we use. pushabutton is a webapp for running arbitrary scripts, written as a standalone Go binary, and makes our tech support’s lives easier.

2 Blog posts

We blogged about standardizing our Selenium deployment and the (re?)birth of Cebu’s QA meetups!