Here we collect notes on best-practices and procedures how to setup and do a meetup. It’s not meant to be a perfectly curated list, but more of a stew of ideas and thoughts, with everybody throwing in what they think best. Maybe this gives someone useful pointers or tips on how to do better and more successful tech meetups in Cebu.

How to get the word out:

  1. Create an event as early as possible
  2. Spread the news by immediately:
    1. creating copy-events in relevant meetup or FB groups and linking to the original event.
    2. posting in relevant Slack or Meetup groups
  3. Spread the news by a few days before posting again in above places.
  4. Remind people one day before by posting again in above places.

Where to create an event

For a particular technology/interest group:

If you’re hosting the meetup at The TIDE…

  • Talk with Fel, Kevin or whoever is currently in charge to make sure that the event space is available, and book it.
  • Create an event on and the FB page. (In addition to events above.)

Spread the news

Always spread it here, by creating events or posting and always linking back to the original event

If it’s part of a particular tech community, then create an event or post there: