Phone Number Validation API

Save time and money by making sure that you are only reaching out to valid and active numbers. The Phone Number Validation API helps you avoid wasted effort and money and helps you get better insights into your user base.

Do you have a list of phone numbers you want to validate on the fly? Good thing we have our Phone Number Validation API to help you!


  • Save a lot of money by avoiding sending SMS and Voice calls to deactivated numbers.
  • Have more accurate expectations on response rates / impact rates.
  • Know which of your customers/beneficiaries still have active numbers.

HTTP Method & Headers

The HTTP method is POST using this URL:

You’ll need to set the following HTTP Headers:

Key Value
Authorization Token {API_KEY}
Content-type application/json

Replace {API_KEY} with your actual API Key from your account. Find it in your profile under Account Settings > API Key (

Alternatively, you may use this API via a GET request and include the parameters as query string parameters.


{ "phoneNumber": "639123456789", "organizationId": "123" }

Request Body Definition

Key Description Data Type Required Example
phoneNumber The mobile number you want to validate. The phone number must be in international format (with country code e.g., 63). Please do not include a + sign. String Yes 639123456789
organizationId The organization id of the account sending the validation request. Find it in your organization profile: String Yes 123


Response Message Definition Account Charged
Valid and connected to network This is a live number that at the time we ran the validation, the number was connected to the phone network. Yes
Valid, but not connected to network This is a live number, but at the time we ran the validation, the number was not connected to the phone network. It will probably be connected to the phone network at a later point in time, though there is a possibility that this sim card has already been discarded and will not be reconnected. Yes
Invalid This is an invalid number/deactivated SIM. Yes
Invalid input, not a possible phone number This is not a possible valid number. Some instances where a number is deemed as not a possible number is when the phone number length is either less than or more than what it should be, the country code is not included, or it is simply not a valid number. No
Required parameter missing One or more fields is missing. Please make sure to include the 3 required fields: organizationId, phoneNumber, and apiToken. No
Invalid credentials The apiToken you passed does not have the requisite permissions for the organizationId you passed. No
Insufficient funds. Please add funds to your account and try again. Insufficient funds. Please add funds to your account and try again. No
We are unable to run phone number validation on this number We are able to perform phone number validation on most mobile phone numbers in the world, but not all. The number you passed is a number for which we cannot perform phone number validation. No

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