How do I change my password?

Follow these steps to change your engageSPARK password:

  1. Click the  Avatar icon located in the top right of the website when logged into your account.
  2. Follow this path: Avatar My ProfileAccount Settings Change Password
  3. In the Account Settings tab: Verify your current password and enter the new password twice in separate fields. Enter your security question answer if you set any; if none, leave blank.
  4. Click Save to complete your password change.

Make sure your new password is hard-to-crack and easy-to-remember.

Password requirements
* must have at least 8 characters
* must include both upper and lower case characters
* must include at least one number

If you are unable to log in because you forgot your password, see I forgot my password. How can I get a new one?
If your account is locked because of too many failed login attempts, wait for 20 minutes to access your account.

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