Bulk Upload of Contacts

Using a spreadsheet application (e.g. Excel), you can upload millions of contacts in one go, update their information easily, or import data from another source.

To upload phone numbers to our platform, use our template which you can download from the Contacts page. Here are the steps:

  1. Acces the Contacts page from the top menu
  2. Click  Upload Contacts  and a pop-up window will appear
  3. Next, click on  Download the Excel Template 
  4. Read and follow the instructions and tips on the template
  5. Populate the Contacts sheet (first tab) with data and save the file
  6. Return to the Contacts page and click  Upload Contacts 
  7. On the upload window, click  Select file to upload  to choose the updated file from your computer. If you select the Overwrite existing contacts checkbox, the system will update the contact’s existing data.
  8. Then click  Upload Contacts  and wait for the upload to finish

You may receive a notification message at the top part of the page that your contacts have been successfully added or will tell if any errors are detected and tips on what to do.

Bulk Upload of Contacts


Upload Instructions and Tips

  1. Only numbers in international format (with country code) are accepted. There is no need to append the plus sign on the phone numbers. Avoid using a hyphen (-) and do not add spaces in between when entering the phone numbers.
  2. Do not change default column headers. Otherwise, upload errors may occur.
  3. The only required column you must add data is the Phone Number column. You may leave the rest of the columns empty.
  4. Only the first sheet of the excel file is read by our system.
  5. Save the spreadsheet as .xlsx file type (Excel Workbook). Please avoid saving it as Excel 97-2003 format as you may encounter upload errors if the file has .xls file extension.
  6. Some special formatting, formulas or character scripts may cause upload errors.
  7. You may add custom fields or extra columns (e.g. Gender or City).  The system will automatically add those columns on the website and populate any data you add.
  8. If you enter Group names in the groups column, the contacts will be added to the specified Groups (if a Group does not yet exist in the system, the system will automatically create the Group). If you want a contact to be put in two or more groups, separate the group names with commas, for example: Group 1, Group 2, Group 3

If upload errors are encountered, please review the file based on the instructions and tips. If you continue to receive upload errors, send us the file you tried to upload and provide as many details as you can so we can look into it.

Have questions or need a little extra help? Get in touch via live chat or drop us a message here: