Build and Launch Your Campaigns in MINUTES.

The Easiest and Quickest Solution. No Tech Skills Required.

  • Nothing to install

  • Easy to use wizards

  • No training needed

  • No tech skills required

  • Build and launch in minutes

  • Send to any phone


Send information via an SMS Text or Voice Call, immediately or scheduled.

  • Alert people with weather or emergency information and how to prepare.

  • Message your staff across the world with important information.

  • Drive customers to your store with a special coupon or offer.


Ask questions using SMS Text or Voice Calls. Recipients answer with an SMS text or by pressing a number on their phone.

  • Educate people by sending a lesson followed by a quiz to reinforce the lesson and test comprehension.

  • Survey your worldwide staff about employee satisfaction.

  • Ask customers for feedback or ratings and gather sales information.

Reminders & Curriculums

Send messages in a curriculum over any schedule.

  • Conduct a public health awareness campaign with a new topic every week.

  • Send messages to pregnant women or a new parent to remind her about checkups and vaccinations.

  • Excite your staff with daily motivational messages.

  • Schedule coupons to be sent every Tuesday and Friday to customers.

SMS Text Auto Replies

Your users send an SMS Text with a keyword. We automatically reply with information you specified.

  • Voters send an SMS Text with the name of their town and receive voting locations.

  • Farmers send a crop name and receive the current price and best place to sell.

  • Health care workers in the field send the name of a disease and receive a list of symptoms and treatment.

Missed Call (or Flash or Beep)

  1. Your customers, beneficiaries, or staff call a phone number.

  2. Our system intentionally doesn’t answer (so the caller isn't charged).

  3. We immediately Call the person back or send them an SMS Text.

  • They get information - when they want it, at zero cost to them!

  • Don’t have the phone numbers of your target audience? Advertise that if they make a Free Missed Call, they'll immediately be enrolled in your program.

  • Want to enable the poor to vote yes/no about a pressing political issue? Publicize that a Free Missed Call to one phone number means a yes vote and to another phone number means a no vote.

Inbound Local Phone Numbers (or Virtual Phone Numbers)

Receive SMS Text Messages and Voice Calls worldwide.

  • Get your own local phone number in seconds (Voice numbers available in 80+ countries, SMS numbers in 40)

  • Link the phone number to your campaign

  • Your customers, beneficiaries, or staff can now send SMS Texts in response to surveys or text / call into your campaigns to retrieve information

Android SMS Gateway App

Receive Messages and Missed Calls in 200+ Countries

  • Install our simple SMS Gateway Relay App on your Android Phone and use your own local SIM Card to send and receive SMS Text messages

  • Available in all 200+ countries

  • A Missed Call to your Android phone triggers our system to send SMS Texts or make Calls


Analyze the results of your SMS Text and Voice Call campaigns

  • View aggregated insights about your campaigns: 33% replied Yes. 67% No.

  • Export details about every interaction: Sue pressed the number 1 on her phone at 5:45pm to select a maternal health message and then listened to it for 4 minutes.

  • Reports are real-time enabling you to get insights immediately.

More Exciting Features

  • Awesome Contact management: Upload 50,000+ at a time, create Groups, and Smart Groups (based on contact attributes).

  • Personalize SMS Text messages with info from Contacts - such as "Dear Jane" - in every message sent.

  • Contact attributes: keep additional information for each Contact. Examples: balance owed, gender, and age.

  • Robust reporting and statistics for engagements. Detailed & Aggregated Insights.

  • Detailed message history for every contact.

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