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Global research and humanitarian interventions made easy with WhatsApp surveys

Launch WhatsApp surveys to participants in low and middle-income countries within minutes!

Build interactive WhatsApp surveys. No coding required.

Many powerful features specifically designed to improve data collection from hard-to-reach populations.

Media messages

Use many types of media — images, audio clips, videos, infographics, documents, locations — to communicate with your audience.

Buttons & lists

Allow participants to answer questions with a simple tap by sending messages with quick answer buttons and multiple-choice forms (lists).

Easy opt-in

Allow participants to opt-in by texting in a keyword, scanning a QR code, or clicking on a link that directly opens the WhatsApp survey. Learn More.

Simultaneous surveys

Run multiple, different WhatsApp survey campaigns at the same time using the same WhatsApp phone number.

Triggered actions

Send airtime top-ups and SMS alerts, update contact profiles, and more based on a respondent’s answer to a question.


WhatsApp is free to download. All you need is internet access. (Not all participants have internet? Check out our SMS Surveys.)


Conditional logic

Set certain questions to be asked only if conditions are met, e.g. the respondent’s gender is female.

One-on-one convos

Interact with participants via one-on-one WhatsApp conversations — to answer their questions or ask personalized follow-ups.

Handheld Onboarding

Our team can help you set up your WhatsApp Business account. We’ll walk you through the entire process.

Dynamic scheduling

Schedule your WhatsApp survey to go live at a specific time. Personalize start times for different respondents.

Automated rewards

Incentivize your participants with instant airtime top-ups (mobile credit) when they complete a survey.

Real-time reports

Download your WhatsApp survey results in real-time to Excel, laid out intuitively. Also get response data via API.

Error handling

Specify what should happen when your respondents reply with an invalid answer or don’t answer quickly enough.

Skip logic

Configure the WhatsApp survey to jump to a later part based on the respondent’s answer to a question.

International coverage

Reach anyone with WhatsApp, anywhere in the world. Complete, global coverage.

Personalized Messages

Add any personalized information from your contact database to your survey questions (e.g., “Hello Jane!”)

How UT Austin ran a large public health study in Brazil about Zika using WhatsApp surveys.

The University of Texas at Austin used WhatsApp surveys and the engageSPARK platform to get a sense of the consequences of Zika and COVID-19 on women’s fertility in Brazil.

Researchers sent automated surveys to thousands of participants asking questions regarding family planning and fertility over the course of several months.

WhatsApp proved to be a valuable tool, allowing researchers to easily and efficiently engage with participants, particularly during the COVID aftermath when in-person data collection was heavily restricted.

“engageSPARK has been a great asset in helping us communicate with our longitudinal respondents in Brazil via WhatsApp. All of our communication with their staff has been very positive and I would recommend their services to anyone conducting research with large research populations abroad.”

Karlos Ramos

Project Manager, University of Texas at Austin

Try an engageSPARK WhatsApp survey yourself

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Top ways organizations use engageSPARK’s WhatsApp surveys

Educational campaigns

Non-profits use WhatsApp media (images, video, audio), multiple-choice, and button messages to turbo-charge their educational campaigns

  • Send illustrations to clarify best practices or send testimonies of previous participants with a short video. Beneficiaries also might reply with a voice recording or a video.
  • Ask questions or conduct regular surveys to reinforce previous lessons — or to improve your campaign.
  • Advertise your program to allow anyone to opt-in easily so they also receive information from you and your programs.

Public health research

University professors use WhatsApp surveys to conduct research across the world — for public health, media bias, teacher training, and more

  • Conduct large-scale demographic surveys or public health questionnaires on topics from Zika to media misinformation.
  • Use WhatsApp Business features like Buttons and Lists to increase data quality — by making it very easy for participants to reply without errors.
  • Template messages allow you to initiate conversations directly with potential participants.

How WhatsApp surveys work

1. Create your survey

Set up your questions. Configure possible answer choices and conditional actions.

2. Invite participants

Advertise your survey using a QR code or keyword — or invite your audience directly in WhatsApp.

3. Collect answers

Respondents reply with text, emojis, images, voice recordings, or by pressing pre-configured buttons.

4. Instant results

See the results in real-time. Visualize answers with charts. Export the data to Excel or via API.

Why choose engageSPARK?

Easy-to-use yet powerful Web UI

Use our web app to create and launch campaigns and surveys in minutes—no tech skills or code needed.

We help you navigate WhatsApp Business

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Exceptional customer support

Our global support team goes above and beyond to help you succeed. Time and again, our clients highlight that our support sets us apart.

Easy-to-use, fast and powerful APIs

Easily integrate survey campaigns with your server or any CRM. Use our APIs to trigger surveys directly from your server or to push results into your CRM.

Trusted by the largest organizations worldwide. Used in 180+ countries.

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