SMS Auto Reply: What Are Autoresponders and How to Set Them Up

An SMS Auto Reply is a great way to respond to inquiries 24/7—hence the alternative name SMS Autoresponder. With such a tool, customers or program participants can access information on demand by sending a keyword and the system will automatically reply with the information you specified.

For all it’s power, you can setup an SMS Auto Reply without writing a single line of code. All you need is a virtual phone number (contact us to get one) and a rule that tells the engageSPARK system how to reply. The following video explains how those rules work:

With that, you’re ready: Advertise your local phone number to the public along with what keywords to send through radio, television, flyers, websites, billboards, newspapers, posters or other media for a successful campaign run.

Oh, and reports are real-time and immediately track the results and give you valuable insights. You can also check your Message Log to quickly read the latest text messages received.


Sample Uses

The SMS AutoReply engagement can be useful is a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Promo redemption: Run a promotional campaign and have discount offers redeemed via SMS. Customers text in the promo code and they’ll get a verification message which can be shown on the store counter for redemption.
  • Increase brand awareness: Grow your customer database by collecting their contact information or phone numbers so you can later reach out for product announcements and ensure they don’t miss out on great offers. This can be essential for increasing brand awareness.
  • Database query via SMS: Community healthcare staff in the field can send the name of a disease and receive a list of symptoms and treatment.
  • Office or store location SMS lookup: Voters can send an SMS with the name of their town and receive voting locations.
  • Product pricing inquiry: Farmers can send a crop name and receive the current market price and learn the best place to sell them.
  • SMS bookings: Confirm bookings by letting customers send the booking code via SMS and let the system send back an automated confirmation message.
  • Product verification: Buyers can verify products purchased are not counterfeit by sending the authentication code via SMS.
  • Events marketing: Community organizers can easily confirm attendees for their upcoming events or seminars via SMS registration process.


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