How do I add funds or credits
to my engagesPARK account

Multiple payment methods are available to top-up your engageSPARK account credits. To add funds, click on the Avatar and select Billing (or click on your Balance on the top right of the page before the Avatar icon).  account balance


You have the following options to add funds to your account:

1.  Credit Card – We accept Visa, Mastercard or American Express and you may save your card details for future payments.

2. PayPal – You can also make a payment online through your PayPal account.

3. Bank Transfer *  – Fill out the billing form to receive a bank transfer invoice from engageSPARK. The amount that will be credited to your account is after the wire transfer fees (not including the remittance fees and taxes which will be shouldered by the transferor).

4. Western Union * – Provide your email address to receive instructions on how to pay via Western Union which will contain the payee details.

*For payments via bank transfer and Western Union, please send the invoice number or payment reference number (scanned copy or photo of the slip).

The minimum amount you can pay is $5.00 and payments less than that will not go through. Once the payment is made, you’ll see the balance increase.

Avoid disruption of service: Enable Low Balance Notification to receive an automated email when to top up your balance. Simply set a threshold amount so when you reach a certain low balance, the system will send an alert that your account is running out of funds to cover the cost of sending SMS or Voice engagements.


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