How to create an engagement for Zapier Integration

For Sending an SMS, Create an SMS Blast and follow these steps:

On Step 1, Type the message that you want to send to every new contact added to any of your apps (e.g. Google Sheets, Salesforce) and then if you want, you can personalize it by choosing “first name”. There are also other options for personalization like last name, phone number, etc. This means that the message will contain every contact’s first name or any of the attributes you chose when the recipient gets the message.

On step 2, Select Yourself- you’ll get an initial test SMS, but you won’t get the SMS each time you add a new contact to Google sheet, for example. Only that person will get the SMS. After that, Click “Continue”

On Step 3, set End Time to “NEVER” then hit “LAUNCH”. After that, your engagement will be live and every time there’s a new contact in any app you integrate with Zapier, they will instantly receive the message you created.

If you are creating a voice engagement and you want to send an IVR survey or a voice blast instead of SMS, follow the same steps (i.e. create the content of your engagement, select yourself and set end time to never and then launch it).

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