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How NGOs, Universities, and Businesses Use engageSPARK’s SMS Survey Tool

engageSPARK’s easy-to-use SMS text message survey tool has helped organizations across the world engage with hard-to-reach populations. Setting up an SMS survey is so quick and easy that anyone from your team—even non-IT staff—can do it. It’s your Twilio alternative in emerging markets.

Non-Profit Organizations for Humanitarian Work

  • SMS hotline for refugees to report issues experienced during aid distribution
  • Surveying educators on the effectiveness of online learning to students during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Gathering feedback from recipients of COVID-19 MEAL and non-MEAL assistance

Leading Universities for Research Studies

  • Conducting public health research through SMS surveys
  • Understanding the employment status of re-integrated migrants through SMS surveys.
  • Gathering crop data and soil pH levels from farmers through SMS surveys and providing guidance on soil fertilization

Businesses for Customer & Employee Engagement

  • Collecting customer feedback and satisfaction SMS surveys
  • SMS hotlines for attendance and calamity assistance as part of a business continuity strategy
  • Asking basic pre-screening questions to applicants via SMS

Why SMS Survey?

Online survey platforms require your target audience to have internet access. But what if you are reaching out to hard-to-reach populations who are not online or rarely have an internet connection? While one-on-one phone calls and face-to-face surveys are great alternatives, these can be time-consuming and costly.

The engageSPARK SMS survey tool provides you a quick and cheaper option for conducting surveys and collecting feedback from your program participants. With our SMS survey tool you can launch personalized text surveys to people wherever you are and generate real-time results.

​Why Use engageSPARK’s SMS Survey Tool?

No internet/wifi needed

Your survey participants don’t need to have an internet connection to receive and reply to your SMS survey questions.

Free for beneficiaries

It’s often free for your survey participants to reply to your SMS survey questions.

Real-time reports

Get survey results in real-time. Download responses to Excel or access dashboards of your SMS survey results.

Airtime top-up incentives

Automatically send out airtime top-up  incentives to respondents, instantly after they complete the SMS survey.

Create, Select, and Launch

The engageSPARK SMS survey tool is built with clients in mind. It’s powerful, yet easy to navigate.

engageSPARK SMS Survey Tool


Design your SMS survey content and flow.


Select your SMS survey participants.


Review and set to launch!

Features Built for Non-Techies

Enroll in Relevant Campaigns

Subscribe your participants to other, relevant campaigns—like a weekly reminder campaign—based on their responses to your SMS survey.

Update Contact Profile

Automatically update your participant’s contact profile in the engageSPARK platform based on their answers to your SMS survey questions.

Skip Logic

engageSPARK’s SMS survey tool allows you to build conditional logic and question branching, so you can ask questions relevant to your participants.

Automate incentives

Incentivize your SMS survey participants with instant airtime top-ups (mobile credit).

Trigger an API Request

Automatically POST SMS survey results to your server or integrate with third-party apps.

Send SMS with Sender ID

Notify team members via branded SMS using sender ID when you receive SMS survey responses.

What Our Customers Are Saying About engageSPARK


Using EngageSPARK made it possible to send maternal and mental health messages to the young mothers of hard-to-reach areas of Nepal; which saved a lot of time and human resource.

Arishma Shrestha

Project Manager, People in Need


We are really happy with your product and services while already we have recommended your services to other NGOs and private organizations as well.

Rangitha Balasuriya

Senior Project Coordinator, IOM


The platform delivers on making the SMS and IVR services simple enough for non-tech users, but also allows additional advanced features for customized needs.

Hannah Rubio

Lead Software Developer, Grameen Foundation

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