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Take CATI to the next level by leveraging automation before, after, and during your live call surveys

Utilize the one-on-one nature of computer-assisted phone interviews (CATI) to collect valuable data in real-time.

Build CATI surveys that integrate with other communication channels

Powerful features for automating IVR, SMS, WhatsApp, and Airtime Top-Up interactions with your CATI surveys

One-on-one convos

Survey anyone via a live call. Interviewers click a button on their computer to start the call, see the questions to ask, and enter the answers given.

Integrate text and media

Send text or media via SMS or WhatApp automatically before a question to allow the respondent to see info that the interviewer will ask about.

Respondent data privacy

Hide telephone numbers, last names, or any other respondent data from your interviewers, to protect your contacts’ PII.

Automated follow-ups

Create feedback surveys—via IVR, SMS, or WhatsApp—that are automatically sent to the respondent after the CATI call (e.g., the next day at 9am).

Custom permissions

Segment call lists so that each interviewer sees only the respondents that they need to call and survey.

Caller ID masking

Call respondents from a local phone number to improve pickup rates and build trust, even if the interviewer is in a different country.

Conditional logic

Set some questions to display for the interviewer to ask only when certain conditions are met, e.g., the respondent is female and over 30.

Pre-CATI initial surveys

Run IVR and SMS surveys to collect initial data. Contacts are then automatically added to the right interviewer’s call list, e.g., Urdu speakers to an Urdu interviewer’s list.

Instant incentives

Automatically send an airtime incentive (mobile recharge) to the respondent the moment the interviewer marks the survey completed.


Set up campaigns in multiple languages, so interviewers see the questions in the language they and their respondents speak.

Real-time reports

Aggregated summary analytics and detailed reports are available immediately after the CATI survey is completed.

Update contact data

Update participants’ information in real-time while on the call (e.g., age, gender, residence).

Respondent control

Prevent duplicate surveys by having respondents automatically removed from the interviewer’s call list right after the survey is completed.

Skip logic

Configure the survey to jump to a later part based on the respondent’s answer to a question.

Response flexibility

Record responses by typing participants’ exact answers or by selecting from pre-configured options.

Survey progress status

Update a contact’s survey progress (e.g., “no pickup first try”; “wants to be called later”) to guide the interviewer for the next call attempt.

How 60 Decibels is able to conduct in-depth social impact research in countries where it has no local researchers

60 Decibels measures the social impact of various businesses and NGOs worldwide, leveraging its team of more than 1,000 local researchers in 80+ countries who speak over 200 different languages.

In the instances where 60 Decibels needs to conduct research in countries outside of its researcher network, they work alongside engageSPARK’s CATI survey platform to complete their research.  Interviewers from nearby countries (who speak the same language as the target country population) log in to the engageSPARK web app, where they conduct the survey via live phone calls.

engageSPARK ensures that respondents receive calls from a local number, which helps increase pick up rates and creates trust. Researchers can only see the list of contacts they need to interview, and PII (personally identifiable information) like phone numbers is hidden from them.

What’s more, 60 Decibels integrates post-CATI call automation: a “thank you” SMS is automatically sent to respondents right when an interview ends.  Sometimes, 60 Decibels also sends top-up incentives and automated follow-up surveys asking how the CATI call went.

“Over the last seven years, we’ve completed hundreds of impact measurement projects in 80+ countries using engageSPARK – via SMS notifications, IVR surveys, WhatsApp surveys, SMS surveys, and airtime top-ups.  We’ve also integrated engageSPARK’s APIs with our Airtable databases and Qualtrics surveys to automate workflows.

We recently started using engageSPARK’s CATI platform, and it’s been another rewarding experience. We particularly love the “Easter eggs” built into the CATI campaign, like being able to configure a thank you SMS to be sent to respondents right after an interview ends. And as always, the support is out of this world. We couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

James Onyango

Senior RO Community Associate, 60 Decibels

Top ways organizations use engageSPARK’s CATI survey software 

Data collection

Non-profit organizations use engageSPARK's CATI survey campaign to get valuable feedback from program participants in rural areas.

  • Reach out to potential participants on services available to them and how they can benefit from your programs.
  • Discuss current topics with your contacts and how it affects them through one-on-one phone conversations.
  • Engage in meaningful dialogue with your program participants to find out how they have implemented new practices based on NGO teachings.
  • Collect important data without limiting responses, allowing participants to fully think through their answers.

Qualitative research

Research universities are able to utilize CATI to collect data at scale without sacrificing important details.

  • Double-check inconsistent data by calling the participants and getting more accurate answers.
  • Understand the drivers behind social behaviors through open-ended telephone surveys.
  • Get detailed answers and results through one-on-one conversations with participants.
  • Conduct important research on any subject, at any time from anywhere without needing a tech team!
  • Get in-depth feedback from education programs and learn how you and your organization can improve your programs and research.


Take CATI to the next level with all of our automation features that can take place before, during or after your calls

  • Send out pre-CATI surveys to get initial feedback and then call people to ask them specific questions related to their previous answers.
  • Add media into your surveys: send images via text or WhatsApp and ask your participants about them.
  • As questions are answered, update your CRM in real-time using API calls.
  • After the call, send the promised airtime top-up together with feedback questions.

How CATI surveys work

1. Create your survey

Set up your questions. Configure the possible answer choices and settings.

2. Call Participants

Assign respondents to agents and have them start calling and asking the survey questions.

3. Collect answers

Interviewers type in the respondent’s answers or choose responses from pre-written options.

5. Instant Results

Get results in real-time. Visualize answers with charts. Export the data to Excel or via API.

Why choose engageSPARK?

Respondents don't need a smartphone

Your participants can take CATI surveys from any mobile phone, even a basic phone. They don’t need an internet connection or a smartphone.

Integrated with telcos globally

We’re connected with mobile operators across the world, so you can survey anyone—without needing to engage with phone companies.

Exceptional customer support

Our global support team goes above and beyond to help you succeed. Time and again, our clients highlight that our support sets us apart.

Easy-to-use, fast and powerful APIs

Easily integrate CATI survey campaigns with your server or any CRM. Use our APIs to feed in data needed for segmenting contacts. Push results into your CRM.

Trusted by the largest organizations worldwide. Used in 180+ countries.

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