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SMS Marketing using Bulk SMS

Boost your SMS marketing campaigns and transactional SMS with the easiest SMS provider in Kenya

  • One price for all networks: Airtel, Safaricom and Telkom
  • Personalize text messages with recipient’s info (e.g., “Hi Mercy”) to have a more intimate touch
  • Launch a bulk SMS blast to millions—in minutes

Branded SMS with Sender IDs

Need to get transparent, build trust? Want to avoid the number of unreads? Send SMS using Sender ID.

  • Send SMS from your company’s name (Sender ID) for credibility, trust, and branding
  • It can be an Alpha name with a max length of 11.

Get Sales Inquiries and Questions

Help your customers reach you: Receive SMS online.

  • Get started easily: All text messages from your clients appear instantly in our web App.
  • Forward text messages from your clients to your CRM or ATS using our easy to use Webhook API

SMS Remarketing

Use a series of SMS to remarket to customers. Individualized schedules make sure that each customer gets the right message at the right time.

  • Add new clients to the SMS series any time – with the click of a button
  • Add customers using web app or API—for example automatically when they register on your website
  • Live Reports: easily understand how your scheduled messages are doing

Encourage Replies with Load Topups

Promote products or encourage participation by sending airtime to your clients—easily with engageSPARK!

  • Send airtime easily using our APIs
  • We support all networks: Airtel, Safaricom, Telkom etc
  • Send amounts as low as KES 5 and as high as KES 3,100

We Made SMS Easy for You

SMS does not have to be a headache. That’s why we created the easiest Web App out there. Send SMS—straight from your browser.

  • Messages page: It shows you all SMS Texts you sent or received—instantly.
  • Contacts database built into the platform: manage your contacts easily without having to use spreadsheets
  • Upload phone numbers in international format or in local Indonesian number format—our platform handles everything

Why Choose engageSPARK?

  • Pay only for what you use. No contracts. No commitments. No plans.
  • Customers in 140+ countries including Acumen, UNICEF, IPA

Kenya SMS Text Prices

Rates are based on how much you prepay – the more you prepay, the lower your per SMS rate

Prepay AmountPrice per SMSSMS Count
54,000 KES
1.89 KES ($0.0175)28,571
108,000 KES
1.62 KES ($0.0150)66,667
270,000 KES
1.40 KES ($0.0130)192,307
540,000 KES
1.19 KES ($0.0110)454,545
1,080,000 KES
1.03 KES ($0.0095)1,052,631
2,160,000 KES
0.86 KES ($0.0080)2,500,000
2,700,000 KES
0.76 KES ($0.0070)3,571,248
5,400,000 KES
0.70 KES ($0.0065)7,692,307
10,800,000 KES
0.65 KES ($0.0060)16,666,667

Actual rates are in USD. Kenyan Shilling (KES) amounts are estimates.