ChatGPT & AI: We’re incorporating AI into engageSPARK.

What We Value

What kind of person works at engageSPARK? Whom do we hire? How do we make decisions when push comes to shove? In the end, it comes down to this: What do we value most?

We thought about this, and here’s our list of values that we strive towards.

Customer Success Above All
Successful customers are happy customers. They change the world; and they do that better with us! They come back for more… and smile doing it. They have a great story to tell; and they tell it all around the globe.   So we value customer success above all.  
Collaboration Without Ego
We’re in this together; and everybody has their part to play. We want an atmosphere of trust, fairness, and helpfulness. We want everyone to share the feeling that a team is more than the sum of its members. We choose to leave ego, politics, and other games at the door. So we value collaboration without ego.
Our Commitments
We are in for the big game, and to win, we depend on and rely on each other. We trust each other because that’s the only way it can work. We keep extending and earning that trust. We build trust by getting things done when we say we will. So we value our commitments.
Constant Improvement
Change is good. Our industry and markets change a lot, and fast. We need to stay in front of that. The cycle of reflecting, learning, and improving keeps our minds sharp. We need this cycle for ourselves, for our team, and for the company as a whole. So we value constant improvement.
Being Fast Over Being Safe
Slow startups die. They don’t grow fast enough. They don’t learn fast enough. That’s not us. We go fast. When in doubt, we go too fast. When in doubt, we experiment too early. So we value being fast over being safe.
Proactive Communication
We collaborate. We commit. We improve. We move fast. Communication is the glue for all these to work. It drives customer success. And our success. And it builds trust among us. When in doubt, we reach out. So we value proactive communication, and lots of it.