Our Team



Ravi leads engageSPARK, building off the vast expertise he’s developed from founding and building three companies in Boston. Two of those companies today employ over 3,000 people, and one is public on NASDAQ. In 2001, Ravi was chosen by Entrepreneur Magazine in their “3rd Annual 10 under 30” – top 10 business people under the age of 30 years old.

Ravi co-founded engageSPARK to help businesses and non-profits provide services, information, and education to the 5 Billion people globally who have no (or limited) Internet access.

Ravi tries to do Yoga as often as he can, is a novice but growing paraglider, and loves challenging hikes.



Eli is helping take the mighty engine of engageSPARK and figuring out what kind of cars the world wants to put it in.  People love cars with powerful engines, but most of them are scared to buy an engine and build their own car for it.  Now that we know a few car models people want our engine in, we will be selling those cars all over the world to the people who need them!

A lifetime entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia, Eli founded and built multiple companies in his hometown that generated annual revenue of $4m+ in 2011. After selling his equity in those companies, Eli transitioned to consulting and, in 2014, moved with his family to Cebu. He joined engageSPARK as VP, Sales in 2016 and has been driving business growth ever since.

Eli loves to learn new things, observe the world, analyze and evaluate patterns he sees in people, problems, and opportunities for innovation and solutions.  Eli is highly experienced with many construction trades including electrical, carpentry, wood finishing, painting, plumbing, framing, and even some iron works!  He speaks Croatian (at least he used to, he thinks he is forgetting it) and he understands some Russian.  Eli is always interested to do what makes him uncomfortable until fear is gone, and he likes to push other people to do the same.


Botond is a self-taught front-end developer specializing in Javascript. He has a passion for solving architectural design problems, building scalable and progressive user interfaces. Being mesmerized by functional languages, like Elixir, Haskell and Clojure. He is interested also in real life machine learning problems and making use of them.
When not coding, he feels great satisfaction in finding himself on different spots of the world, playing chess with random strangers, messing around with analog photography and doing as much yoga as possible.


Diane is passionate in optimizing the processes in the office towards the end goal of providing convenience, efficiency and enhanced customer service. She will surely sit with you when topics include politics and law especially on theories of Machiavelli and Marx. She enjoys being a law student and her favorite subjects are constitutional and criminal law. Table tennis is her all-time favorite sport and her ideal weekend is a day on the beach with her family.



Hazel’s key role is to build and maintain deep relationships with key clients and accelerate the growth of current contracts.

People find her as an upbeat, self-motivated team player. She is very outgoing and helpful to her friends as well as colleagues. She is always up for challenge and adventure and she aspires to get better and better at it. She loves nature especially, beach and mountains. She’s also a newbie mom who’s slowly and patiently learning how to become a SUPERWOMAN.



Maria is an aspiring social entrepreneur interested in elevating the lives of indigenous and isolated communities by helping them acquire modern knowledge while preserving their heritage.

Apart from learning the ropes of social entrepreneurship from engageSPARK’s leaders, she took on a role in engageSPARK – providing support and coordination for the team’s daily operations – as her experience was a match to the needs the Growth Team has in order to win markets faster.

When free, Maria spends her time with her kids and siblings, exploring art museums, learning Baybayin, listening to neo-traditional music, hiking, drinking with friends, meeting new people, or getting (intentionally) lost.


Nick helps the company turn leads into clients, and helps them design successful projects using our platform. He dreams to learn how to fly a helicopter and skydive out of a place and land on a beach.
One of his unforgettable experiences is when he fasted for 30-days on nothing but buko (coconut).


Zak is a full stack developer who mainly focuses on Django, Go, and DevOps. Zak enjoys doing all sorts of stuff, from making everyone happy to brewing coffee (sometimes). Aside from that, he is fond of reading novels and self-help books. Most of the time, he prefers to be alone.



Avner oversees engageSPARK’s operations, which means everything from product development, partnerships, and customer service to HR, finance, and admin. In short, Avner serves as a jack of all trades within the company and works to help all teams be successful.

In his previous life, Avner practiced law, first as a corporate litigator, then as a human rights lawyer. He led one of the largest and first insurance cases to come out of the 2008 credit crisis and then spent several years in Uganda fighting for the rights of vulnerable and marginalized individuals. While in Uganda, Avner co-founded the anti-corruption organization Not In My Country and met Ravi, with whom he co-founded engageSPARK.

Avner is a die-hard Seinfeld fan who at one point could recite almost any line from the show. He also adores Hitchcock and Kurosawa films. His favorite pastime, though, is bowling, and he tries to bowl in every country he visits. Avner has bowled in more than 25 countries, including in Bhutan, where he once bowled with a couple of monks.



Sunny is a UX designer with experience working for several large consumer companies such as Yahoo!, Samsung and Motorola. She has experience working on mobile and web UI and enjoys solving complex UX design issues in simple and elegant ways, using user research as a way to inform and validate the designs. When not designing and mentoring younger designers, she enjoys swimming, yoga and pilates. Her favorite pastime is traveling to new locations and getting to know the local culture and cuisine.



How to best lead sales team from the ground up and accelerate growth? Ask Cherry – that’s her passion. Her role is to lead the never-ending improvement of our dynamic sales culture and leverage the strengths of everyone in the team through training, coaching, mentoring and supporting our ever enthusiastic sales team. As a leader, “your people are the reflection of your leadership”, is what she lives by.

Prior joining engageSPARK, she has held various roles on sales and business development in the B2B conferences industry where she led several projects for top corporations and government across Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America which gave her the opportunity to develop her innovative leadership.

As sweet as her name sounds, her interests in life are the opposite. Fond of constant learning, her one of the ways to explore is through watching documentaries – A LOT. Oh! She is also a big action flick fan so she’ll probably sitting on her couch with a bowl of fries dote on a spy or martial arts film when you visit her on the weekends. Did we mention that she loves traveling and adventures, too? If you can’t find her home, she’s somewhere out there enjoying sharp curves on a motorcyle ride.



She helps engageSPARK by identifying and pre-qualifying leads with the end goal of contributing to the company’s continually increasing pool of clients. In her everyday life, she functions in a dichotomic way. She can be so fearful or be so open and adventurous to experience and do new things.

What gives her solace against the man-made or self-made stressors in life is communing with Mother Nature. Trekking, hiking, beaching or any similar activities spark her interest the most. Watching motivational videos, reading, reflecting and singing are also her hobbies.

She loves analyzing people and situations and can worry and connect situations and people’s actions in the funniest, craziest, nonsensical and weird ways.


Janine sways her way in prospecting and pre-qualifying clients. She uses her resources properly in order to deliver a job well done and go to work with a big smile on her face.
By creating another milestone in her life, she can confidently say that she’s been living her life learning things that helped her get to where she is right now. She earned a degree in Business Administration but likes to think of herself as an exceptional singer and Architect/ Interior Designer even though both industries don’t agree with her.
She loves to spend her free time by taking on new adventures, reading novels or watching videos that make her laugh out loud. She enjoys playing Football without rules and Badminton. It is important for her to have a “Me Time” either by staring into space, dancing or running.



Mary echoes Margaret Mead’s sentiment: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world…” and that exactly is what she will do as an advocate of engageSPARK.

With over a decade of experience in building teams for HR, Talent Attraction, and Acquisition, she will be part of engageSPARK’s team of evangelists who will work with partners in optimizing their processes while maintaining a strong focus on a candidate/employee-centric experience.

When not buried in a book, you may find her at the mat enjoying yin yoga.



The core of her role in the sales team is identifying and evaluating business opportunities in the industry; helping marketing leaders in doing research and analyzing the best solutions that would help increase the company’s ROI.

Rose always tries to understand each and every person she encounters. She is an empathetic and sympathetic girl who knows that every person has a story and as much as possible tries to put herself in their shoes so that she can understand them better. True to her INFJ-T personality she believes that with proper communication, anything can be accomplished. Rose may seem like a cinnamon roll but when necessary, she’s always ready to put the game face on.

She has a keen eye for detail since photography and videography are her interests. When her hunger for creativity strikes in, you may find her behind the lens. Who knows? She may be focusing on you!



Murat’s goal is to help the development team build the right thing for our customers, and to build it well. To get there, he’s got an eye on the processes that guide the team’s daily work, on the software architecture and direction and on the product roadmap that the leadership team is constantly revamping and improving.

Before engageSPARK, Murat worked in the Telco sector as well, at a startup in Berlin that got eventually bought by Oracle.He spent his time writing code, leading projects and learning more about deploying software. Prior to that, he also worked with an Agile team in a banking company where he discovered the beauty of meaningful processes.

Just at this moment, Murat may be underwater, about 15m deep, watching a sea snail or a youngster boxfish which really are the funniest creatures on earth. When he’s not helping the team, coding or diving, you may find him reading thick novels, doing online courses, listening to operas or enjoying a sip of Dalwhinnie, which all being said is an excellent whiskey.



Anton rocks lead generation and prospecting through his immeasurable determination. Amazingly, he is also an innate rocker. He thinks of himself as a frustrated singer and dancer.

He also loves to daydream and has a unique and specific dream of touring the Philippines with his Ducati Monster and his wife. His determination and patience in his job extends to his dream of rocking the stage as a vocalist and dancer. His secret? Practice every weekend.



Christine is passionate about providing customer and technical support to clients and making sure that they get the most out of their investments. Her experiences have revolved around providing support within the IT industry and she wants to focus her career-building around it. She loves being part of growing something from the ground up.

She’s against animal cruelty and is very vocal about it on her social media accounts. If she was born with a lot of money, she’s probably rescuing animals and building shelters for them. Her ultimate dream is to travel the world with her family.


JayR is one of those working behind the frontend development of the platform including UI with RactiveJS, APIs, and Django. He also does a bit of development operations. He is very passionate about his work especially on new developments. He usually works and will not stop until things are done and in good shape. On his spare time, he enjoys playing video games from MORPG (Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) to MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) to FPS (First Person Shooter) on PC or even on Mobile. These are his stress-relievers.



**WARNING: This is my first attempt at haiku hahaha**

You can call me BANX
Software Tester and a Cat
I hiss and I scratch


Mike started as an intern and is now a full-fledged member of the team, coding in Python/Django. He creates side projects to aid the platform and the team and is now diving into the real thing. Some interesting things about Mike are his strong navigation instinct. He devotes time trying to nurture his thinking skills and create insane ideas which could possibly change something in the world.



Shabinesh is a polyglot in spoken & programming languages. He designs and develops new features for the platform. Shabinesh’s favorites are Emacs, Golang, Python & loves theoretical CS.Previously he has led successful teams in top cloud hosting and travel companies, been a part of many social good hackathons, spoken in numerous meetups and few conferences. He enjoys reading or writing code off a beach.

If not found at his desk, he should be hacking around with his amateur radio kit or traveling in the Himalayas. He loves yoga and hiking. On a mission to attain enlightenment by coding in Haskell.