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Tap old lead database

Large ESL Provider Successfully Reactivates Thousands of Old Leads with engageSPARK

Case study: how engageSPARK helped to tap thousands of dated leads in this client’s database and successfully generated more than a thousand pre-qualified leads.


The largest platform for online English (ESL) teaching in the Philippines has more than 10,000 registered teachers and 1 Million students worldwide. Their mission is to deliver the best online English teaching service to their clients, and they recruit a large part of their teaching staff from the Philippines. Their team of 40+ recruiters in the Philippines is always on the look out for qualified teaching candidates.

This client has collected thousands of potential leads in their applicant database. Due to the large database size, their recruiters struggle to follow up with all leads, and often have to focus on fresh leads, while ignoring the more dated ones.

Because of this challenge, they decided to make use of engageSPARK’s Cold Lead Call-Out (CLC) service, to screen their entire database to identify pre-qualified leads for them.

 How It Works

Our CLC recruitment solution is designed to immediately eliminate the time that the call-out team spends calling leads with dead SIM cards (inactive numbers), leads who aren’t interested, or leads that don’t meet the basic requirements for application.

The client only calls applicants who are interested (engageSPARK takes care of warming up the leads).

  1. Using our automated phone call (IVR) platform, engageSPARK screens the entire database to verify which phone numbers are active
  2. We then check which leads are interested to apply, based on their replies to automated interviews
  3. Finally, engageSPARK determines if the interested candidates are at least 18 years old, and have achieved the necessary educational degrees.

engageSPARK CLC process


engageSPARK successfully screened the database of dated leads, and identified 1,365 pre-qualified leads ready for follow-up by the client recruitment team. The client was only charged for leads that were successfully pre-qualified by engageSPARK.

  • Total Leads* Provided to engageSPARK:  14,000
  • Total Leads Used by engageSPARK:  13,355
  • Invalid** Phone Numbers Identified:  1,755
  • Absent*** Phone Numbers:  3,096
  • Total Leads Who Answered the Call:  7,684
  • Total Pre-Qualified Leads:  1,365

(* Leads provided to engageSPARK are from the client database in January 2017; ** SIM is not registered: *** Phones are either off, or out of coverage area)


The engageSPARK Cold Lead Call-Out (CLC) Recruitment Solution successfully tapped the entire dated database of the client. Out of the 14,000 leads provided, 1,365 leads (9.75%) were pre-qualified and delivered, available to complete the next step of the application process.

This result generated many new teaching candidates for the client, and allowed their call-out team to focus their efforts on setting appointments to pre-qualified candidates, instead of screening through thousands of un-qualified numbers.