Send SMS Blast – Messages Page

You can find a summary of the messages you sent under the Messages tab. The messages can be filtered by Type or Status by tapping the filter button on the top right of the screen.

Inbound – Messages received
Outbound – Messages sent out

Sent – successfully sent
Failed – unsuccessfully sent

engageSPARK Platform Messages Tab

💡Tip: This functionality is helpful for sanity checks during testing.

Using the Send Message button on the right, you can quickly respond or send follow up messages to your subscribers. Just pick the subscriber you want to reply to and tap the Send Message button.


engageSPARK Platform: Send SMS to subscriber

💡Tip: This is helpful for sending quick, personal responses to inbound messages.

A pop-up will appear. The To field is already set. For From, just pick the Sender ID you want to use from the dropdown. Write your message and click Send.

Note: If you have an existing registered Sender ID/name with us, you can automatically see it in From dropdown. Otherwise, please contact support to register one or more.

engageSPARK Platform: Sender ID Dropdown

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