Customer Acquisition

  • Automate your campaigns easily
  • Send personalized messages to your customers anytime
  • Build a database of customers ready to engage
  • Consumers can opt in with a missed call or SMS for free
  • Reach out to millions of customers even if they are offline

Market Research

  • Gather detailed information about each customer
  • Conduct polls to get customer preferences
  • Automate post-purchase surveys
  • Gather feedback from customers in real time
  • Incentivize with airtime top-ups
  • Test product concepts before launching

Customer Engagement

  • Launch competitions or event registrations via SMS or automated phone calls
  • Drive targeted and personalized promotions with coupons or voucher codes
  • Drive brand loyalty
  • Build a relationship with millions of offline customers
  • Set up hotlines for customers to get help or info
  • Allow customers to trigger automatic call back from your celebrity endorsers

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