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Powering engagement that drives brand awareness and customer loyalty

Leading brands’ marketing teams use engageSPARK to interact with ALL customers, including people offline. And by the way, 5 billion people are offline. You do the math.

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Customer Acquisition

Get EVERYONE, including the billions who are offline, to engage with your brand

  • Advertise a phone number to reach offline consumers
  • Customers engage for free via Missed Calls or free SMS
  • Grow brand awareness with personalized communications
  • You build a database of customers ready to interact with your brand


5 Billion consumers worldwide don’t have Internet access. But they all have mobile phones.  engageSPARK enables you to tap into this huge market. We have phone numbers available in 100+ countries that you can get instantly and then advertise for anyone to SMS text or call to opt-in to your campaigns.   When someone opts-in, our system can automatically send them an SMS or an automated phone call to immediately engage them.

There’s no better way to acquire customers than to allow them to send in a simple text message or miss call – and then to automatically and instantly reach out to them.  Once you have their mobile phone number, your ability to engage them is limitless.

How it works:

  1. Advertise a phone number on billboards, radio, TV, Facebook, etc.
  2. Consumer opts in for free with a missed call or free SMS
  3. Build a database of consumers ready to engage
  4. Send regular personalized communications to engage customers with your brand

The Benefits:

  • Reach millions of people who are offline
  • Grow lists of interested customers easily
  • Interact 1:1 with all customers using personalized messages
  • Reach anyone anytime in 200+ countries
  • Effortlessly scale your fully automated campaigns

Market Research

Find out what your customers want in real time, wherever they are

  • Gather detailed information about your existing customer base
  • Conduct polls and questionnaires to understand customer preferences
  • Automated post-purchase surveys
  • Gather feedback in real time
  • Use airtime top-ups to reward or incentivize


Market research is essential to find new customers and to identify the needs, preferences, and interests of your existing ones. engageSPARK empowers you to launch effective research campaigns to reach millions of offline consumers in minutes – anywhere in the world.

How it works:

  1. Send interactive automated phone calls to your customers
  2. Customer presses buttons on their phone’s keypad to respond: “Press 1 if your favorite flavor is vanilla, 2 if it’s chocolate.” And: “How many times in the last week did you purchase our product?”
  3. Customer speaks responses to open-ended questions: “What was the last advertisement you remember seeing about our product and what was it about?”
  4. Use airtime top-ups to reward and incentivize

The Benefits:

  • Collect data from millions of offline customers
  • Find out what your customers want instantly
  • Test your product concepts and advertisements before launching

Customer Engagement

Build personalized campaigns to increase customer loyalty and engagement

  • Customer triggers automated call back from celebrity advertising your brand
  • Launch competitions or event registration via SMS or automated phone calls
  • Drive targeted and personalized promotions with coupons or voucher codes
  • Set up hotlines for customers to get help or info


Building a relationship with your customers is the one of the best ways to drive brand loyalty and engagement. The engageSPARK platform empowers you to interact via personalized communications with anyone in any country.

How it works:

  1. Send personalized messages about your brand on a regular schedule
  2. Use automated celebrity phone calls to engage consumers with your brand
  3. Launch contests such as “sing alongs” to keep customers engaged and excited
  4. Drive targeted promotions with coupons or vouchers
  5. Set up hotlines for customers to get help or info

The Benefits:

  • Build a relationship with millions of offline consumers
  • Drive brand loyalty
  • Scale your campaigns effortlessly
  • Increase engagement and sales