Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Be prepared and reach out to your employees during disasters

  • Know when employees need help or rescue during calamities as soon as possible
  • Send out SMS to every employee in an instant during a disaster for a safety check
  • Receive responses from employees wherever they are during a disaster even offline
  • Get real-time reports of employee status during disasters

Employee engagement & feedback

Increase productivity via phone-based education

  • Conduct polls & job satisfaction surveys swiftly
  • Send interactive training messages & gather feedback
  • Bridge the communication gap with your employees
  • Empower your employees to give and receive feedback
  • Inform and educate your employees easily

Employee Attendance Management

Decrease absenteeism, no-shows, and AWOL

  • Employees may report absence easily through any phone
  • Managers receive notifications in real time
  • Centralized and easy-to-track for HR and management
  • Eliminate excuses from employees since it is available 24/7
  • Reduce overstaffing and find substitutes in time
  • Automated phone calls are sent to check on no-shows

Up-to-date Employee Contact

Maintain an updated database of employee’s contact details automatically

  • Effortlessly track and reach out to any employee when needed
  • Reduce HR time spent on looking for employee’s contacts
  • Be informed automatically whenever an employee changes contact details
  • Easily keep track of employees’ contact persons in case of emergencies

24/7 Employee Hotlines

Employees report concerns via hotlines & surveys

  • Establish an interactive channel for employees to report their concerns even without data
  • Make your employees feel secured by allowing them to reach out anytime
  • Empower your people by hearing them out through surveys

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