Sales and marketing automation that drives profitable campaigns

Businesses use engageSPARK to boost their lead generation, understand their customers’ needs, and dramatically reduce shopping cart abandonment. And all that with no upfront or monthly costs (you pay usage fees only). This means higher, faster, and more consistent growth. Your investors will be happier and your customers more engaged. Oh, and you’ll now have those few extra moments to take a deep breath and relax.

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Lead Generation

Turbocharge your lead generation by enabling offline customers to opt-in by SMS or miss call

  • Advertise on multiple media channels and get customers to opt-in easily via free SMS or miss call
  • Incentivize consumers to opt-in by offering them airtime top ups or discounts
  • Make it easier for people who are interested in your product to opt-in by reaching them even when they are offline (most of the time for people in developing countries)
  • Build a database of customers ready to interact with your brand


Your Business needs customers. Many consumers have become weary of online marketing, reducing the effectiveness of online campaigns, while driving up their cost.  Meanwhile, the mobile market is not saturated yet, and yields much higher response rates.  Use engageSPARK to gather hundreds of thousands of leads via automated phone calls and SMS text messages at affordable prices.

How it works:

  1. Advertise a phone number on billboards, radio, TV, Facebook, etc. with a call to action
  2. Consumer opts in for free with missed call or free SMS
  3. Build a database of consumers ready to engage
  4. Send regular personalized messages to promote your brand or product

The Benefits:

  • Reach millions of people offline
  • Grow your customer list easily
  • Interact 1:1 with all customers
  • Reach anyone anytime in 200+ countries
  • Effortlessly scale your fully automated campaigns

Marketing Automation

Empower your marketing team to interact 1:1 with ALL consumers in automated and scalable ways

  • Reach millions of offline customers with personalized communications
  • Drive targeted promotions via automated phone call or SMS
  • Launch competitions or event registration with our marketing automation
  • Increase customer engagement with your brand


Successful marketing and sales depends on timely outreach, communication, and follow-up with prospects, but Businesses rarely have sufficient manpower to do this effectively. engageSPARK empowers your team to interact 1:1 with thousands of prospects via our fully automated platform.

How it works:

  1. Use automated phone calls or SMS text messages to contact your list of prospects 
  2. Send personalized messages about your product or service on a regular schedule
  3. Drive targeted promotions with coupons or vouchers
  4. Use our analytics tracking to determine which campaigns are performing
  5. Follow up with high value prospects via customized messages

The Benefits:

  • Reach millions of offline clients and build a relationship with them
  • Increase engagement and sales
  • Scale your campaigns effortlessly
  • Increase conversion rates through personalized outreach

Automated Follow Up

Scale your response ability with automation while saving on costs

  • Re-engage and close customers who abandon their shopping cart once they are no longer online
  • Two-way interactions allow customers to give feedback that your support team can act on
  • Reach thousands of customers simultaneously without a large team
  • Speed up response while reducing the cost


Businesses need to maximize their effectiveness to become profitable as fast as possible on a small budget. engageSPARK enables you to scale your automated response to cart abandonment while reducing the costs.

How it works:

  1. Customer abandons purchase but has already filled in their personal data, including phone number
  2. Customer is no longer on the Internet because they’ve left the Internet café where they were shopping on your website
  3. Cart abandonment triggers an automated phone call from engageSPARK after a specified time
  4. Customer is asked several questions, including whether they need further assistance or are interested in finalizing their purchase
  5. Customer responds by pressing specific buttons on their phone’s keypad
  6. An automatic message is sent to your support team with information about the customer to contact them and finalize the purchase

The Benefits:

  • Reach out to thousands of customers simultaneously
  • Instant follow up after abandonment
  • Receive detailed information about customers that need help, and what kind of help
  • Scale your response ability without growing your support team

Market Research

Find out what your customers want in real time, wherever they are

  • Conduct polls and questionnaires to understand customer preferences
  • Automated post-purchase surveys
  • Gather feedback in real time
  • Use airtime top-ups to reward and incentivize


Market research is essential to find new customers and to identify the needs and preferences of your existing ones. engageSPARK empowers you to effectively conduct market research on millions of offline consumers in just a few minutes.

How it works:

  1. Send interactive phone calls to your customers
  2. Customer presses buttons on their phone’s keypad to respond: “Press 1 if you found our platform easy to use, 2 if you didn’t.” Or: “Do you need help getting started on our platform?”
  3. Customer speaks responses to open-ended questions: “When are you free to schedule a live demo with one of our experts?”
  4. Conduct polls, questionnaires, and post-purchase surveys
  5. Use airtime top-ups to reward and incentivize

The Benefits:

  • Reach millions of offline customers for your market research
  • Instant feedback from anyone, including people not on the internet
  • Find out what your customers want in real time
  • Test your product concepts before launching