Lead Generation

Double your leads database. Enable offline customers to opt-in via SMS or missed calls

  • Advertise on multiple media channels
  • Get customers to opt-in by reaching them even if they are offline
  • Incentivize consumers to opt-in by offering airtime top-ups or discounts
  • Build a database of customers ready to interact with your brand

Marketing Automation

Empower your team to get 1:1 interactions with your customers

  • Reach out to millions of offline customers with personalized communications
  • Drive targeted promotions via automated phone calls or SMS
  • Launch competitions or event registration with our marketing automation
  • Increase customer engagement with your brand
  • Increase conversion rates through personalized outreach

Automated Follow-ups

Scale up your response-ability and customer interaction while keeping costs low

  • Re-engage with customers who abandoned their carts once they are no longer offline
  • Two-way interactions allow customers to give feedback that your support team can act on
  • Reach thousands of customers simultaneously without needing a large support team
  • Speed up response while reducing the cost

Market research

Find out customers’ wants in real time, wherever they are.

  • Conduct polls and questionnaires to understand customer preferences
  • Automated post-purchase surveys
  • Use airtime top-ups to reward and incentivize
  • Gather feedback in real time even from those who are offline
  • Test product concepts before launching

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