Chief of Staff to CEO

engageSPARK is a social enterprise that provides a global communications & automation platform for businesses & NGOs to interact with everyone with any kind of phone, especially the poor in emerging markets, via Phone Call Bots, SMS Bots, Facebook Bots, Viber Bots, etc. Customers in 100+ countries such as Facebook, Convergys, Google, BASF, and UNICEF automate their communications and workflows to interact with their employees and customers at scale. The CHIEF OF STAFF will work directly with the CEO (serial American entrepreneur with two exits).

Chief of Staff Overview

The Chief of Staff is a critically important role, enabling the CEO to work most effectively with internal and external stakeholders and fulfill his commitments to engageSPARK, investors, and Board of Directors. It is a highly strategic and facilitative role that requires a combination of focus and flexibility, as well as a willingness to play an active, behind-the-scenes role to help the company scale faster.

This role is a great opportunity to learn about tech startups from a proven and experienced American serial entrepreneur and prepare you for an MBA, senior operational role, business development roles, or entrepreneurship.

Chief of Staff Job Duties:

  • Plans and directs all administrative, financial, and operational activities for the CEO
  • Acts as a point of contact between top management and employees or other stakeholders
  • Represents the CEO in various external events, sometimes involving travel
  • Provides strategic advice to CEO and the management to improve the daily management of the company
  • Develop & implement key strategic initiatives for customer success
  • Participates in the development of financial, marketing, and sales strategies
  • Assists with creating and advancing relationships with key enterprise customers and strategic partners
  • Interact with existing and potential new investors
  • Assists the chief executive officer in facilitating effective decision-making
  • Assesses inquiries directed to the CEO, determine the proper course of action and delegate to the appropriate individual to manage


Preferred experience & education:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or any related field
  • 2 years or more experience in investment banking, consulting, or management

Preferred competencies:

  • Strong presentation skills
  • Exceptional communication skills and the ability to multitask
  • Highly analytical, fast thinker, and a good decision maker
  • Impeccable leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work strategically and collaboratively across departments
  • Ability to handle stress

Expected Tenure: 2 years


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Posted: January 11, 2018