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Powering recruitment and employee engagement to drive world-class performance

Leading BPOs use engageSPARK’s powerful software to turbocharge their hiring, reduce turnover, and exceed performance goals.  HR & recruitment teams do all that without help from IT staff.   Imagine that.

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Employee Recruitment

Streamline your recruitment process and interview 10x more applicants

  • Interview thousands of applicants simultaneously
  • Dramatically increase quality of candidates and hires
  • Reach applicants in remote areas who don’t have internet access
  • Speed up hiring process while massively reducing costs


engageSPARK empowers BPOs to reach and automatically interview applicants anywhere, at any time, and recruit better employees faster, cheaper, and at huge scale. With engageSPARK, you can enable applicants to go through an entire automated interview process directly from their homes without need for internet access. You can then invite them in for a final interview or to offer them a job.

Start by advertising a phone number on billboards, TV, radio, Facebook, etc., and get applicants to send a free SMS to the number or to miss call the number. When they do, they’ll automatically receive a call back with an automated phone call interview.

Maybe you already have a list of phone numbers of potential employees? Instead of spending expensive resources trying to call them one by one, send them an SMS encouraging them to apply remotely by replying to the text message when they are ready for an automated interview.

You never imagined you could save so much time and money in your recruiting while getting better hires, did you?

How it works:

  1. You advertise a phone number for applicants to SMS or miss call to apply for a job.
  2. An applicant triggers a call back at a convenient time (by miss calling the number or texting a keyword, like APPLY, to it)
  3. The applicant answers the phone, hears 3-5 questions and answers by pressing buttons on their phone’s keypad or speaking their answers.
  4. A recruiter logs in on engageSPARK.com, checks the results, and listens to the recorded answers
  5. The recruiter marks whether the candidate passed and sends them another automated interview
  6. After the candidate passes several automated interviews, you can invite them in for a final interview or to give them a job offer

Now imagine that happening with thousands of applicants at the same time. Automatically interview thousands of candidates simultaneously – regardless of whether they have internet access or are hundreds of kilometers away from your nearest recruitment center.

The Benefits:

  • Interview 10X more applicants with the same recruitment team, and listen to the audio recordings at any time (24/7)
  • Get higher quality hires from a larger pool of applicants
  • Reach applicants who don’t have access to internet, or can’t come to your recruitment center
  • Achieve more consistent assessment of applicants
  • Decrease recruiting costs and time spent per interview
  • Dramatically decrease time to hire

By using engageSPARK, you can interview applicants in remote areas that you would never be able to reach otherwise, since they can’t afford to travel to your recruitment center or job fair. After they go through the complete, automated interview process, you can be confident you’re hiring the right person, and pay for their travel to your BPO center.

Our automated interview process also allows you to test several approaches quickly and efficiently, for example, by posting different keywords on billboards, in Facebook ads, etc. Applicants apply via the keyword they see, and you then can determine which ads are most effective in producing more applications and the best quality hires. This ease of testing enabled by the engageSPARK platform allows you to rapidly find the best and most cost-effective way to recruit.

Employee Attendance Management

Increase employee attendance, decrease tardiness, and reduce AWOLs

  • Employees report absence from any phone
  • Managers are notified in real-time
  • Automated phone calls are sent to check on no-shows
  • Employees engage for free without needing internet


Many BPOs struggle with high rates of employee absenteeism. In addition, employees often don’t send advance notification if they will be late or absent.

Use engageSPARK to solve both of these problems…and more!  Set up a hotline that your employees can call into or text into for FREE to report that they’ll be late or absent, reducing excuses like, “no load”, “no airtime”, or “no internet”.  Managers and HR get notified instantly of the employee’s absence or lateness.

Also use engageSPARK to automatically send “no show” employees an automated call asking them why they haven’t arrived for work, when they’ll arrive if they’ll be late, and why they’ll be absent if they don’t plan to attend. Again, managers and HR are notified immediately.

What’s more, with engageSPARK, you can now track and get complete insight into your employees’ attendance, reduce employee no shows and AWOLs, and enable all employees – especially those with no internet access and no airtime / load – to notify you if they won’t be able to make it to work.  How’s that for improving and measuring your KPIs?

How it works:

  1. Employee sends a free SMS to a toll-free number
  2. Employee receives a call (at no cost to them)
  3. Employee presses buttons on their phone: “Press 1 if you’ll be absent; Press 2 if you’ll be late.” And then: “Type your employee ID”
  4. Employee speaks their reason: “What is your reason?”
  5. Manager and HR receive an SMS/Email notification

Let engageSPARK do the hard work for you! You’ll dramatically increase performance and reduce costs, while also saving your management staff time and effort. More automation equals huge savings, reduced absences, and maximized productivity.

The Benefits:

  • Eliminate excuses from employees (especially no load or “no internet”)
  • Centralized and easy to track by management and HR
  • Automated, available 24/7
  • Increase accountability and decrease tardiness and absences
  • Reduce overstaffing levels and find substitutes in time
  • Reduce costs: less time required for Management and HR

Employee Engagement & Feedback

Engaged employees deliver higher performance

  • Conduct polls & job satisfaction questionnaires
  • Send interactive training messages & gather feedback
  • Set up hotlines for reporting concerns (free for employees)
  • Automatically check-in on employees during disasters for business continuity


Your employees are your company’s most valuable asset. Empower them to excel in their performance by engaging them regularly in personalized ways.

Reach them when they’re not at the office – and thus likely not on the Internet – using automated phone calls and SMS texts to inform, inspire, gather feedback, or launch competitions.

Motivated employees are better employees.  Don’t you think?

How it works:

  1. Employees receive call and answer their phone
  2. They listen to your questions
  3. Each question prompt them to respond by pressing buttons on their phone’s keypad or speaking an answer: “How good is your overall job satisfaction: press 1 9 where 1 is excellent and 9 is terrible.” And: “Tell us about your worst work experience.  Speak your response into your phone now.”
  4. Your HR team reviews the responses and evaluates them at their convenience
  5. If you decide to make an improvement based on feedback, you can then push out an automated call to all employees letting them now of the change

The Benefits:

  • Bridge the communication gap with your staff
  • Inform and educate your employees
  • Empower employees to give feedback
  • Create a positive company culture that generates loyalty and drives performance
  • Feedback in real time
  • Save time and costs for HR staff