Data Collection & Surveys

Gather responses from survey participants instantly

  • Survey thousands of people at once even when offline
  • Personalized messages to each recipient
  • Get a report of the responses in minutes
  • Incentivize participants easily with airtime top-ups

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Disaster Preparedness 

Notify millions of people about emergencies, regardless of where they are

  • Send out disaster warnings based on weather forecasts and other news
  • Reach all recipients instantly, online or offline.
  • Notify people with updates and hotline numbers
  • Inform people of safe areas during calamities
  • Know what people need in real time

Education & Information

Constantly send news, advice, tips, and step-by-step information about any topic to millions of people even in remote areas

  • Educate about farming, health, finance, rights and anything hassle-free
  • Launch engaging and informative voice calls to thousands of people
  • Personalized messages to each recipient
  • Notify regarding disasters, emergencies and weather
  • Drive action by incentivizing with airtime top-ups

Monitoring & Evaluation

Persistently track monitoring and evaluation (M&E) indices

  • Send timely and automated reminders to follow-up
  • Reinforce understanding with interactive questions and quizzes
  • Incentivize & reward with prepaid airtime & data top-ups

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