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Attendance Hotline – Automated

Your Employees reliably report absence or tardiness 24x7x365 by sending a Text Message or Calling a Hotline. Your team members get notified instantly. Save money and improve reliability via automation.

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How It Works

Your employee either calls a dedicated toll-free number or sends a text message to the same toll-free number. We then notify specific team members (supervisors, team leads, managers, owner, clients, etc.) immediately via text message, email, and/or an automated phone call.

Record employee’s Voice

We record an audio clip of their spoken reason for you to listen to anytime

custom notification list per employee

Notify different people for each employee via Text Message, Email, or Automated Call

Better than Voicemail or Answering Machine

No need for your team to listen and re-listen to recordings to try to understand what the employee said. Avoid the inevitable errors in transcription and then especially errors in sending notifications correctly.

Better than an Answering Service

Avoid errors from manual data entry and manually sending notifications. Answering Services often get overwhelmed during bad weather – we scale unlimited. We cost less and we also get a recording of the employee’s spoken reason that you can listen to anytime.


Get your own dedicated hotline phone number – same number for phone calls and texts!


Our servers are ready every minute of every day. They don’t work less on holidays, and they scale to any volume of calls.

lower cost

Having your staff answer these calls or transcribe voicemail can get very expensive. Automation saves time and money.


Our servers immediately notify your custom list (per employee) of people who need to be notified ASAP via Text Message, Email, and/or Automated Calls.

NO Manual errors

Eliminate errors caused by manually listening to calls or recordings. Avoid mistakes in sending notification messages.


All activity is tracked and you can view reports on our dashboard or download a spreadsheet. We even have APIs.


We track everything and have historical audit trials for corporate, union, or government compliance needs.

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