What happens if you violate the Data Privacy ACT (DPA)?

Penalties are in place for violators of the DPA. You don’t want your company to face these penalties:

  • FINES ranging from 500,000 to 2M pesos
  • IMPRISONMENT for 1 to 3 years
  • REVOCATION of all company rights
  • DEPORTATION of alien violators

This sounds scary. And it is scary. But you can avoid these risks.

Don’t know where to start? Our specialists can lend an ear.

Are you possibly violating the Data Privacy Act (DPA)?

You could be violating the DPA if:

  • Your employees are still giving their friends’ contact details to your recruitment team
  • Your recruitment team stores the referral’s personal information (in any form, including paper)
  • Your recruitment team reaches out to the referral

If your current employee referral system works this way, then you are likely violating the DPA. Why?

Because the referral did not give you their consent for you to store their personal information or to reach out to them.

How can engageSPARK help?

  • engageSPARK’s REFER solution empowers employees to effortlessly generate non-stop referrals for your team
  • Applicants give consent to be contacted: 100% opt-in & compliant with data privacy laws
  • Recruiters no longer need to collect referrals from employees: referrals opt-in automatically
  • No Data plan needed: employees refer & applicants opt-in via FREE SMS Texts and Facebook Messenger – 24x7
  • Each applicant is automatically and accurately tracked back to the employee who referred them
  • Employees are automatically updated each time their referral’s application status changes
  • Recruiters get real-time notifications of every new referral

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